Learning and Methodological Facilities

Educational and methodological base

Educational process, carried out by Department of Humanities, is organized according to possibilities of modern innovative teaching technologies. It is focused on formation of educated, harmoniously developed personality, capable of constantly updating scientific knowledge, professional mobility and quick adaptation to changes and development in socio-cultural sphere.

 One of innovations of new Law of Ukraine “Higher Education” is introduction of new paradigm of educational process – students centered training, which is based on competence-based approach to construction and implementation of educational programs.

Competence-based approach in teaching of humanitarian cycle disciplines provides following tasks:

  • development of competency model of future graduate;
  • determination of training and education goals;
  • determination of formation goals of basic, personal, general cultural knowledge in certain humanitarian discipline;
  • focus on implementation of results of learning objectives within particular discipline (or course);
  • implementation of control system for discipline;
  • development of new type of analytical, design-constructive, scientific research thinking among students;
  • formation of new dialogical style of communicative and intellectual activity, new ways of social and interpersonal interactions of subjects of educational environment;
  • organization of psychological and pedagogical support of educational process in maritime educational institution.

Therefore, implementation of competence-based approach requires from department staff significant revision of content of education, teaching methods and traditional university assessment system.

Department staff teaches 14 academic disciplines. It involves lecturing, conducting seminars and practical classes, performing cadets’ individual work and tests.

Syllabuses and working curricula for all department disciplines have been developed. They were developed according to requirements of national regulatory documents of higher education, STCW to ensure appropriate level of training for sea and river transport specialists. Department has full educational and methodological support of disciplines: courses of lectures, plans for seminars and practical classes, guidelines for their preparation, materials for cadets’ individual work. Educational and methodological complexes for disciplines have been developed for implementation of distance learning on LMS Moodle.

Department staff teaches following disciplines:

• History and culture of Ukraine

• World History (in English)

• Ukrainian as foreign language

• Geography of shipping

• Marine resource management (in Ukrainian and English)

• Philosophy

• Psychology

• Ukrainian Language for Specific Purposes

• Philosophical problems of scientific knowledge

• Pedagogy and methodology of higher education

• Professional ethics of scientist

• Scientific style of Ukrainian language

• History and philosophy of science

• Modern teaching methods in higher education

Department staff strives to preserve one of the best features of domestic higher education – to form not only professional competencies, but also to develop “soft skills”, involving study of history and culture, philosophy, psychology, pedagogy and other fundamental disciplines.

 Study of humanities is not just tribute to tradition of classical education, tool for integrating person in the space of world culture, but mechanism for creating a serious competitive advantage in almost all areas of activity, and seafarer’s profession is no exception.

 Department teachers are also the authors of coursebooks, manuals, lecture notes for students of other educational institutions and secondary school students.

 Coursebooks and teaching aids, 2018 – 2020:

  • Liashkevych A. Stanovlennia i rozvytok morskoi osvity na Khersonshchyni: navchalnyi posibnyk. Kherson: KVNZ «Khersonska akademiia neperervnoi osvity». 2018. 180 p. [in Ukrainian]
  • SMA, 2018. 148 p. [in Ukrainian]