Material and Technical Facilities

The material and technical base of the department meets the requirements of the educational process, allows for professional training of students in the specialty “Navigation and Ships Handling” degrees of higher education Bachelor and Master, “Navigation” degree of higher education Bachelor KSMA in accordance with the requirements of STCW, as amended.

The educational and material base of the department includes training complexes, laboratories and classrooms:

Laboratory Navigation Information Systems

Simulators laboratory equipment is used to carry out the fundamentals of the theoretical course of traditional methods of navigation, as well as for basic education and practical training in the use of electronic cartographic navigation and information systems, implementation of preliminary and executive routing of ships.

The laboratory is equipped with 8 training workplaces, where two applicants can study at the same time. Each workplace is equipped with cartographic tables. All 8 workstations simulate navigation bridges, with full visualization, electrical and radio navigation devices and ship controls, while being controlled by one instructor’s workstation. To perform laboratory tasks, the world’s major navigation areas are available, such as Bosphorus and Daradanelles, Srait of Singapore, Dover, Big and Small Belt, Panama Canal, more than 20 locations in total. More than ten ship models are also available. A very important module for entering errors and malfunctions into any control and monitoring system of the ship’s position. The laboratory has navigational paper charts. There are 16 training places in total, which can be used for individual and group training, self-training and work in an automated knowledge testing system.

The simulators equipment meets the requirements for DNV / IMO classification type C2 as well as the requirements of STCW, as amended.

Leading teacher: Ph.D., Ass. Prof. P. Nosov.

Laboratory Electronic simulators

The laboratory purpose is to assist in the training of highly qualified personnel for the marine fleet, to form the necessary professional competencies in future specialists.

The laboratory is designed to control all simulators of NTPRO.LAN: monitoring and management of all hosts and tasks, work with Navi Trainer Instructor program (developing of exercises, saving, loading exercises, starting exercises for execution, formation of properties of objects used in the exercises). The control is carried out from the instructor’s workplace, equipped with three PCs (Instructor’s PC is the main control place for the simulators system, visualization PC and TGS PC – the workstation for communication with the navigation bridges).

There is such training equipment in the laboratory:

• Supermicro server, on which the domain was raised and all the necessary software for NTPRO.LAN network simulators was installed;

• server uninterruptible power supply unit;

• network hubs and organizers;

• models for modeling the dynamics of movement of ships and targets;

• a router for distributing the Internet on the premises of laboratories.

Leading teacher: PhD, Ass. Prof. A.  Petrovskyi.

Study rooms Navigation and Pilotage

Room 305 (АB 2)

Room 211 (АB 2)

Study rooms necessary for students in the implementation of course plotting on paper charts. They are equipped with the following navigation aids: navigational tables; navigation tools; nautical plans and routes, nautical charts.

Students’ practical skills in course plotting on paper charts have the following purpose:

• create the basis for planning of safe passage from the port of departure to the port of destination and conducting executive navigation of the vessel’s course along the given route;

• provide the necessary knowledge and skills for the implementation of paper thesis on the navigation;

• provide the necessary skills for keeping watch, controlling the independent position of the ship.

Leading teachers: Associate Professor, Deep Sea Captain A. Gurov and Senior Teacher, Deep Sea Captain V. Khramtsovskyi.

Study room Meteorology and Oceanography

Room 204 (АB 2)

In the process of carrying out laboratory, practical work in accordance with the requirements of STCW, as amended. During their studies, students acquire the skills to use modern hydrometeorological instruments for assessing and forecasting the state of the weather. The data taken from the instruments is used in the calculation of the navigation safety to determine the parameters of meteorological conditions during the sea passage. The charts and manuals are necessary when developing a navigation passage, determining the nature of the transition, taking into account local meteorological conditions.

The study room is equipped with modern instruments, namely the ship’s weather station TFA Primus (Germany), heliograph, anemometer, psychrometer, barograph, barometer, hygrograph. The weather maps and navigation aids are available.

Leading teacher: PhD, Ass. Prof. N. Alexandrova.