Learning and Methodological Facilities

The training system for applicants for higher education has been brought into full compliance with the requirements of STCW, as amended.

Educational and methodical work is one of the priority areas of the department. Educational and methodological support of disciplines is developed by the leading specialists of the department. One of its important components is the methodological support of the gradual training of specialists.

Today, the department conducts activities aimed at improving teaching methods and assessment. The department is working on the development of examination tasks and tests for all academic disciplines. The control activities are an integral part of the quality management system of the Academy and provide feedback in the educational process. They determine the compliance of the learning outcomes of students with the requirements for a certain educational level and ensure timely adjustments to the educational process.

The department teaches the following disciplines:

• Navigation and Pilotage;

• Astronomical Methods of Navigation;

• Hydrometeorological Support of Navigation;

• Meteorology and Oceanography;

• IMO Conventions and Regulations;

• Navigation Information Systems;

• Navigation Bridge Resource Management;

• IMO Standards and Security on Board;

• Rules and Regulations of Classification Societies;

• Mathematical Statistics and Theoretical Foundations of Navigation;

• Modern Methods of Experimental Research and Data Processing;

• Preparation for Inspections of State Port Supervision (selective discipline).

The quality of conducting training sessions is ensured by:

• using of modern information technologies;

• using of educational documentation to support the educational process;

• publication by the teaching staff of the department of the necessary scientific and methodological literature.

The department applies measures aimed at improving teaching methods, which include:

• development of a mechanism for the introduction of distance learning in the system of higher education and lifelong learning;

• preparation of scientific and methodological recommendations for the use of information technology in the educational process.

The effective implementation of modern teaching technologies at the department is facilitated by sharing of experience at the annual scientific and methodological conferences held at the Academy and on the basis of other higher educational institutions.

The attention is paid to the individual work of students. It is provided by a system of educational and methodological tools for the study of an academic discipline: textbooks, teaching and methodological manuals, lecture notes, materials on electronic media, use of distance learning website Moodle KSMA.

At the stand of the department and Moodle KSMA, there are: schedule of classes; the schedule of consultations; information about work with young teachers; information about open classes; master class plan, etc.

On a regular basis, the department conducts master classes on important topics in navigation for students. Master classes are conducted by the Captains involved in the educational process of the department, namely, Ph.D D. Makarchuk, Assoc. A. Gurov, Ph.D E. Volkov, Ass. Prof. V. Zhmur.