Useful Information

Migration issues

Foreigners and stateless persons who arrived in Ukraine legally may temporarily stay on the territory of Ukraine during the validity of the visa.

To extend the period of stay in Ukraine for foreigners and stateless persons who arrived for the purpose of study is carried out by the bodies of the State Migration Service at the request of the relevant educational establishment. To extend the period of stay in Ukraine within three days after arrival in Ukraine, a foreigner must submit to the university all the necessary documents.

In the case of changing the information in the foreigner’s passport during the validity of the certificate, the information should be submitted to the territorial subdivision or division of the State Migration Service that issued the certificate within one month from the date of the change.

When a foreigner is expelled from an educational establishment, the university must, within 10 days, notify the Migration Service of his / her termination of studies, hand over a temporary residence permit and cancel the registration. After that, the foreigner must leave the territory of Ukraine within 7 days.


Students live in the University hostel in rooms for two or three people.

After settling in a hostel, student receives the inventory list and the pass-card to the hostel. Student receives sleeping accommodation, beddings, shelves, etc. The things mentioned in the inventory list should be used with care.

Students buy necessary tableware, kitchen utensils, detergents by themselves according to their wishes and needs.

According to the Ukrainian Law it is prohibited to smoke in public places.

According to the Rules of Residence in a hostel, students are prohibited to drink strong drinks or come to the hostel under the influence of alcohol.

It’s recommended for students to get up not later than 7 a.m., have breakfast, get prepared for the beginning of the working day, and come to classes on time.

After classes students have time for dinner, rest, doing home tasks, excursions and sport.

Students must keep up cleanness in their rooms. Students must comply with sanitary and hygienic standards in their rooms and places of common use (kitchen, toilet). Students should tidy up the rooms every day. Students must clean tables and stoves after cooking in the kitchens.

Students must not break the silence in the hostel. Singing loudly, playing musical instruments; listening to the radio, tape recorders, TVs aloud after 10 p.m. is prohibited in the hostel.

Because of breaking the rules of residence in a hostel and / or not paying for the accommodation students can be evicted from the dormitory.

Personal security and safety of personal belongings

To provide personal security, it is recommended not to invite unknown or unfamiliar persons to the hostel and rooms. Do not go for a walk in the evening alone. Be attentive and careful! Take care of your personal documents and money whilst in public transport.

The most important documents are the following:

  • national passport;
  • temporary/ permanent residence permit
  • registration
  • the contracts (for study, for living in hostel);
  • student card;
  • credit book;
  • pass-card to a hostel;
  • insurance policy;
  • personal identification code and other documents.

Every student should keep the documents responsibly and not lose them. In case of losing any of the documents, student should IMMEDIATELY inform the International Students Department.

In case you are detained by the police

The police officers can stop you in the street and ask for your passport or temporary/ permanent residence permit so you should always keep it with you. You can be detained by the police for clarifying some matters not more than for 2 hours, only in case if you are without passport or temporary / permanent residence permit.

If you are detained, ask the police officers to call to the International Students Department. The telephone number you can find on our website.

Public transport

Public transport is available from 6:00 to 23:00.

It is possible to get to down-town and Kherson State Maritime Academy by bus
№ 5, № 34, № 47, № 38.


Kherson is located in the south of Ukraine near the mouth of the Dnieper.

In general, the climate of Kherson is moderate continental with mild winters and warm (sometimes hot) summers.

The average annual air temperature is 13 °C, the lowest in January (minus 7,0 °C), the highest in July (30 °C).

Monthly air temperature, (°С)

Daily maximum0151421253028271462
Night minimum7-506111416151262-2