Laboratory of Ship Energy Saving Electric Power Complexes

Laboratory of Ship Energy Saving Electrical Power Complexes at the Department of Ship Electrical Equipment Operation and Automation Facilities headed by PhD in Technical Sciences, Prof. I. Ishchenko.

The laboratory goals: conducting of scientific research in order to develop modern ship resource and energy-saving electromechanical systems and complexes.

The main tasks of the laboratory are:

• analysis of the current regulatory materials for ship power systems and complexes;

• carry out theoretical and experimental studies of schemes and systems for utilizing the heat of power plant exhaust gases, developing of mathematical models of such systems, conducting of their research;

• analysis of electric power systems of modern ships of various classes and determination of the feasibility of their improvement and modernization;

• research and creation of marine electric drives, which are powered by frequency converters;

• research and creation of combined electric power propulsion complexes;

• сarry out the research on the creation of unified electric power systems with rowing electrical installations;

• development of systems for predicting the technical condition and diagnostics of ship power plants.