Laboratory of Innovative Technologies

Laboratory of Innovative Technologies at the Department of Innovative Technologies and Technical Means of Navigation headed by Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor S. Voloshynov.

The laboratory goals: training of the Academy teachers in the latest technologies, work in a single information and educational space, assistance in the formation of electronic, educational and scientific content.

The main tasks of the laboratory are:

  • Monitor trends and prospects in education both in Ukraine and in the world; create a database of innovative ideas in education.
  • Organize information and analytical search for the latest technologies in e-learning.
  • Prepare proposals for the implementation of the latest innovative developments.
  • Introduce perspective and qualitatively improved innovative technologies into the educational process.
  • Implement progressive forms of organization of the educational process and active learning methods.
  • Develop, organize and control the measures aimed at meeting the requirements of the competency-based approach in terms of ensuring the educational process of the academy.
  • Provide methodological and organizational quality assurance of the cadet / student assessment procedure.
  • Monitor the information presence of the academy in the information and communication environment.
  • Implement e-learning; support the development of courses by teachers of the academy; ensure control of e-learning.
  • Develop guidelines and methodological materials on work with the e-learning website.
  • Provide support and assistance of information processes on the e-learning website.
  • Conduct training of teachers, cadets/students on the use of the e-learning website.
  • Monitor the quality of Internet resources of the academy and its subdivisions, develop proposals for their improvement.
  • Provide consulting and methodological assistance to teachers of the academy on the e-learning system.
  • Control the implementation of e-learning and compliance with the requirements for the organization of education on the website of the academy.