Laboratory activities

One of the projects the laboratory is working on today is the development of energy-modified epoxy composite coatings for shipbuilding.

As a result, new composite materials and coatings have been created with predictable performance to protect technological equipment from corrosion and wear.

New materials, methods and ways to improve protective coatings resistance to corrosion and wear-out have been developed, and protected by patents of Ukraine. Multilayer coatings based on epoxide-composite materials provide high performance and are suitable for surface protection of technological equipment from corrosion and waterjet.

At present, the laboratory is provided with modern equipment to study the structure (EPR and IR spectroscopy), the physical and mechanical properties (tensile machine, Tovarov’s device, Sokslett’s device, rotational viscometer), thermal properties (heat resistance, DTA, DTC, TEC, dielectric characteristics) and wear resistance of polymer composites (friction machine).