Training Laboratory “Global Maritime Distress аnd Safety System”

GMDSS laboratory ensures training of cadets / students and seafarers according to qualification:  GMDSS general operator (according to IMO Model Course 1.25), GMDSS restricted operator (according to IMO Model Course 1.26), as well as practicing search and rescue (SAR) operations. The simulator covers the main areas of maritime training in full compliance with STCW-78 Code (as amended in Manila in 2010) and has an approval type from DNV Class A Certificate.

The laboratory is equipped with 15 GMDSS simulators plus GMDSS simulation station which presents a full-functioning copy of GMDSS Console used on modern vessels.

The touchscreen technology used in simulators is approved by Association of Marine Electronic and Radio Colleges (AMERC) to conduct GOC (General Operator Certificate) exams at the place of equipment location. Full set of equipment for SAILOR 6000 can include four different types of GMDSS radio equipment manufactured by S. P. Radio / Thrane & Thrane: SAILOR 6000, SAILOR 5000, SAILOR System 4000 and SAILOR Compact 2000. Disciplines taught in the laboratory: “Global maritime communications for search and rescue”, “Global Maritime Distress and Safety System. Chief operator”, “Advanced training for navigators”.