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List of priority activities of the Science Park of Kherson State Maritime Academy “Maritime Industry Innovations”:

  1. Fundamental and applied scientific investigations concerning the most significant issues in development of scientific and technical, social and economic as well as human potential for ensuring global competitiveness of Ukraine and its stable development as a marine state.
  2. Conducting of scientific research and creation of developments in shipping and marine transportation, competitive at the native and global markets.
  3. Implementation of innovative technologies of education and simulator training for crew of marine vessels, which are oriented to appliance of competency-based approach in training of maritime professionals and compliance with the requirements of international regulatory documents specifying such training.
  4. Foundation of decision support systems and training facilities in order to enhance safety of shipping in the state.
  5. Investigation of automated control systems in navigation and ship engineering, development of appropriate software and control devices.
  6. Conducting of scientific research in the area of new composites in order to meet the requirements of ship-building sector.
  7. Conducting of scientific research regarding improvement of economic and ecological results in functioning of ship power plants and electromechanical systems.
  8. Investigation of environmental protection issues in operation of marine transport.
  9. Publication of scientific achievements, contribution to enhancement in exchange of scientific and technical information and academic staff, bringing the native science to the international level.
  10. Scientific and technical expertise of innovative projects and expert assessment of emergency situations in marine transport.