Cadets’ practical training in Marlow Navigation

Collaboration with Marlow Navigation

Signing of a tripartite agreement

 The leading place in the activity of academy is occupied by joint work with Marlow Navigation – one of the largest companies in the world shipping industry, which manages about 1000 ships from more than 200 shipping companies around the world. A basic agreement “On cooperation in the training and employment of naval officers” with this company was concluded in 2007 in Limassol (Cyprus).

 Every year, Marlow Navigation selects about 100 cadets of the 2-3rd year of KSMA and MC of KSMA for the cadet program, which provides for sailing practice on modern ships (the first practice as a cadet, the second one – as 2nd class sailor / motorist).

 The cadet program at Marlow Navigation, also known as the sponsorship program, provides for tripartite agreements for selected cadets (Marlow Navigation – KSMA – cadet) on internship and further employment in the company. According to the terms of the sponsorship agreement, in agreement with the company, sponsorship for selected cadets is provided in the form of netbooks. The Company selects cadets according to their academic performance and performance during their first maritime internship on board ships operated by the Company. In addition, Marlow Navigation takes care of low-income cadets and orphans: it pays for the education of 20 low-income cadets from each course. Marlow Navigation guarantees career advancement for all cadets by offering employment on the company’s ships as junior officers. At present, the cooperation between Kherson State Maritime Academy and Marlow Navigation is a real example of employers’ concern for the quality of training of future maritime professionals. Marlow Navigation has practically taken over the responsibilities of the base enterprise of KSMA and its structural subdivisions: Maritime College and Professional Maritime Lyceum.