Organization of cadets’ practical training

The concept of practical training of cadets meets the requirements of the International STCW Convention, as amended, Regulation on internships for students of higher educational institutions of Ukraine, approved by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from 08.04.1993 №93, Regulation on organization and practice of cadets and students of Kherson State Maritime Academy.

No later than 10 days cadets undergoing sailing practice are obliged to prepare and submit the following documents to the practice, certification and employment department:

– Report-request for referral to sailing practice;

– Call letter from the company that provides the internship;

– Tasks for sailing practice (get at the practice, certification and employment department of the academy); – Resord Training Book (Book of registration of practical training of the cadet, registered in the practice, certification and employment department);

– Agreement between the academy and the company on individual internship by a cadet-intern (if there is no agreement between KSMA and the company);

After the end of the internship, cadets must arrive within 3 days at the practice, certification and employment department and the dean’s office (department) and inform about the return and results of sailing practice.

The general form of reporting of the cadet on practice – submission of the report. The report on practice is defended (with a differential assessment) by the cadet in the commission. The commission must include: the chairman of the commission for summarizing the results of the test, the head of the practice from KSMA and a specialist of the practice, certification and employment department. When submitting a practice report, commission members also interview cadets and assess their knowledge for admission to foreign companies. The results of the cadets’ assessment are taken into account when sending cadets for selection to foreign shipping and crewing companies.

To undergo sailing practice, cadets must have the following documents:

  • Seafarers Identity Document;
  • medical commission;
  • certificate “Initial training and safety briefing” (BSC);
  • certificate “Specialist in lifeboats and rafts”;
  • Seafarer’s Record Book;
  • Record Training Book;
  • book of practice reports.

 Before the start of the first sailing practice, all cadets of KSMA and MC of KSMA undergo training on the basis of the laboratory-training complex of KSMA. Each cadet receive the necessary training on life safety onboard and on the use of rescue equipment, ship security, which is then certified by an international certificate. Also cadets receive specialized training in the following areas: control of the ship’s crane, fastening of sea containers, safety when performing mooring operations, rigging.

 All the necessary certificates can be obtained by cadets after additional training at the Kherson Maritime Specialized Training Center at KSMA, 20 Ushakova Ave.

 During their studies at academy, cadets have the opportunity to get a working profession (second class sailor, second class motorcyclist) after additional training at Professional Maritime Lyceum of Kherson State Maritime Academy, which is located at 122. Chervonoflotska st. The list of documents required to obtain a working diploma – (sailor class II, motorist class II):

  • copy of the certificate of complete general secondary education
  • copy of the passport;
  • copy of the national identification number.
  • copy of the seafarer’s record book (62 days swimming qualification with the use of watchkeeping obligations);
  • certificate “Initial training and safety briefing” (BSC);
  • photos (2 pcs.);