Department of Ship Power Plants Operation

The Department of Vessel’s Power Plants Operation was established on October 1, 2016, as a separate structural unit.

The department is headed by candidate of technical sciences, docent Volodymyr Savchuk.

The Department of Vessel’s Power Plants Operation is a graduating department, and its purpose is the formation of professional, practical knowledge and skills, defined by educational programs at the final stage of training of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in specialty 271 “River and Sea Transport” and specialization “Vessel’s Power Plants Operation”.


  • Educational process support and providing recommendations for its organization in full-time and part-time forms of education in all types of classes, including conducting consultations and monitoring activities in one or more disciplines in accordance with the approved educational programs, curriculum and schedule of the educational process.
  • Ensuring the quality of the educational process in accordance with the standards of higher education and regulations on the organization of the educational process.
  • The implementation of the best world experience in ensuring the quality of education, considering the requirements of the labor market to the competencies of specialists.
  • Supervision of course work preparation, management of diploma theses and projects.
  • The implementation of remote and on-line technologies to the educational process.
  • Educational and undergraduate practices management.
  • Development and application of advanced methods, the latest techniques, information and innovative learning technologies.
  • Organization of research work of cadets / students, their involvement in scientific and research work of the department.
  • Education of a highly developed personality in the spirit of Ukrainian patriotism and respect for the Constitution of Ukraine in the context of the Ukrainian statehood development.
  • Participation in raising the cultural and educational level of cadet youth.