English Language Department for Marine Engineers

In 2021 all department members were working at research topic “Implementation of marine English deeper learning technologies with help of interdisciplinary approach” that was approved by the decision of KSMA Academic Council, protocol № 5 from 18.12.2019 ( 0120U100095).2021 was dedicated to the second stage of RT, searching and approbation of deeper learning methods in professional Englisg language, efficiency analysis and staff training for its usage. Methodical seminars were conducted due to deeper learning for staff training how to implement its methods, forms and ways; its approbation is performed.

Dissertation research “Professional competence development in maritime Ukrainian institutions during humanitarian subjects studying (the second part XX – beginning XXI century)” was conducted (Krasnovskaya I.P.), “ Figurative space of New-Zealanders poetic texts: linguistic cultural and cognitive pragmatic aspects” (Pogorletskaya N.V.). For effective dissertation research completion exams and credits were passed:

Krasnovskaya I.P. :

  1. Theoretical basics of scientific research structure, preparation documents and dissertation defense (97A)
  2. Higher school pedagogy and teacher’s pedagogical creativity 90(A)
  3. Innovative  educational technology in higher establishments 91(A)


  1. Higher education staff training  in the world countries 93(A)
  2. Intellectual property rights (92A)

Pogorletskaya N.V. :

  1. “ Integral theory of English communication” (exam) – 100 (A)


  1. “Methods of work with scientific text” – 95 (A)
  2. “ Data analysis in project activities”- 100 (A)
  3. “Linguistic and cultural approach to the Study of  semantic space  of Literary text”- 90 (A).

A variety of teachers took courses of promotion in 2021:

Head of the department, Associate Professor Litikova O.I.

  1. Courses of promotion on topic: “Record keeping in higher establishments” on the base of Professional teachers’ development center in KSMA Scientific park “Marine industry innovation”. By volume: 1 credit ECTS (30 hours) from 11.11.2021 to 22.11.2021. Certificate № 99. It was given: 25.01,2021;
  2. Marathon: “Digitalization in maritime education and training”, 8 April, 2021 (Certificate of participation).

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Ogorodnik N.Ye.

Courses of promotion on topic: “E-learning: workshop on active methods” 11-12 January 2021 KSMA Scientific park “Marine industry innovation”, Professional teachers’ development center. Workload: 1 credit ECTS – 30 hours.

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, senior teacher Liashenko Y.I.

Kherson State Maritime Academy  Scientific park “Marine industry innovation” Professional teachers’ development center Certificate № 23,  completed courses of promotion on topic:  “E-learning: workshop on active methods”. (25.01.2021)

Senior teacher Ogienko M.D.

courses of promotion on topic:  “E-learning: workshop on active methods”( 1 credit ECTS – 30 hours).

There is one collective publication in SCOPUS Litikova O.I.: Application of Combined Electric Arc Coatings for Parts and Units of Vehicles Recovery in Repair Technologies”/ Ahieiev, M., Gritsuk, I., Litikova, O., Bilousov, Ye. SAE Technical Paper 2021-01-5100, 2021, doi: 10.4271/2021-015100.

Department staff members: Litikova O.I., Ogorodnik N.E., Afanasievska I.O. prepared sections for monographs, published in the foreign publications by the European Union official languages.

Six department members published articles in the scientific professional publications category B (Litikova O.I., Ogorodnik N.Ye., Afanasievska I.O., Liashenko Y.I., Grishko Y.V., Pogorletskaya N.V.). 1 publication of a young scientist Krasnovskaya I.P. was submitted for printing in the scientific professional publications category B.

Pogorletskaya N.V., department assistant published the article  in the foreign publication that was not included in 8.5.1.

Department members (Litikova O.I., Ogorodnik N.Ye., Afanasievska I.O., Liashenko Y.I., Grishko Yu.V.) became participants and organizers of the second International scientific practical conference 177 participants from Turkey, Poland, Lithuania, Croatia, Romania( 25 November 2021).

Department members took part in scientific conferences and workshops. In general they took part in 23 conferences of different levels and conducted 2 scientific methodological workshops for English teachers on topics:

  1. Cognitive learning levels (Liashenko Y.I., Grishko Yu.V.) 25.05. 2021
  2. Redesigning learning spaces ( Afanasievska I.O., Usova Yu.O.) 02.12.2021

 Tutorial “ Ship’s Heart” for 2nd  and 3rd  year cadets of engineering department was added and published, for 4th – “ Smart Control”, for 5th – “Manage it Shipshape’.

For for 2nd  and 3rd  year cadets of electrical engineering department “Power the ship “, “ Increase the Power” were added and published, for 4th – “ Control the power”.

In general teaching staff renewed and republished 4 tutorials, prepared 29 scientific publications.

Department members carried out inspection on students’ scientific research work and their participation in the All the Ukrainian students’ conferences:

XII All the Ukrainian students’ conference “Foreign languages in modern communicative society” that was conducted on the 22nd of April on base Kherson National Technical University.

XI All the Ukrainian students’ conference “Modern problems of marine transport and maritime security” that was conducted on the 18th of November 2021 in KSMA (11 cadets took part, 3 –with the reports).

In general department members prepared in 2021:

  1. sections for monographs – 3
  2. Publications in SCOPUS -1
  3. Tutorials publications- 4 (13 coauthors)
  4. Articles in the international editions- 1
  5. Students’ publications-12
  6. Articles in the category B- 6
  7. Thesis-8