English Language Department for Marine Engineers

The main department tasks are:

to continue to use the best traditions of communicative and competence approaches in teaching English the cadets of specializations “Ship technical systems and complexes management”, “Ship power plants management”, “Operation of ship electrical equipment and automation tools”;

to increase the efficiency of teaching the disciplines “Marine English”, “English for professional purposes”, “Business English” with the help of modern information technologies on the virtual learning platform LMS MOODLE on the official KSMA website;

to carry out work on updating and submission for approval by the scientific and methodological department of KSMA of working curriculum, syllabuses, methodical materials for independent study for full-time and part-time cadets of the marine engineering faculty;

to constantly improve the textbooks developed by the academic staff of the department (Ship’s Heart, Smart Control, Manage It Shipshape – for ship mechanics and Power the Ship, Increase the Power, Control the Power – for ship electricians);

to form in applicants for Bachelor’s degree an ability to demonstrate communicative competence in English when solving tasks of the professional terms of reference, which, according to the STCW Convention, correspond to the operational level of training of future engine room specialists;

to develop skills and abilities to use soft skills in solving the tasks of the professional terms of reference, which, according to the STCW convention, correspond to the management level of training of future managerial specialists of the engine room crew.

The main department functions are:

to plan practical classes according to the structures (PPP – for 1-2 courses, ESA / EASA – for 3-4 courses, Patchwork – for 5 courses), which were agreed with the Coordinating Council of English Language Teaching in KSMA;

to teach cadets the department disciplines: “Marine English” and “English for professional purposes”;

to carry out mutual attendance of classes by teachers for the purpose of an exchange of pedagogical and methodical experience;

to organize and conduct planned methodical seminars, workshops, faculty development sessions for the purpose of introduction of the advanced newest pedagogical technologies in educational process;

to participate in masterclasses of teachers and specialists of graduating departments in order to enrich the experience of teaching fully specific professional topics in English;

to advise cadets, masters, graduate students in the disciplines taught at the department;

to organize and regularly monitor the independent work of cadets, including their homework, as well as tests and assignments at LMS MOODLE;

to conduct intermediate and final attestation of cadets in the form of Stop and Checks / Progress Tests, surveys of Speaking Competency, university credits, examination testing, oral examinations (based on the results of mastering the study material).

Department development program

during 2020 – 2023, to carry out research work of the department on the initiative topic “Implementation of technologies of deep learning of English maritime language in an interdisciplinary approach”, approved on December 20, 2019 at a meeting of the Academic Council of KSMA;

to take part in advanced training of the department staff at the Center for Teacher Development at the KSMA Science Park, as well as in internships on the basis of domestic and foreign maritime higher education institutions;

to expand the students and teachers participation in scientific and practical conferences and webinars of international and domestic level in order to announce the results of research and exploration;

to cooperate with the departments of domestic and foreign universities on educational and methodical and research work, as well as with foreign scientific research and other organizations in the profile of the department.