Department of Transport Technologies and Mechanical Engineering

Department of Transport Technologies and Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Transport Technologies and Mechanical Engineering was established in accordance with the order of the rector of the KSMA “On the reorganization of departments of the Kherson State Maritime Academy in the 2020 academic year” (№ 170 of 28.08.2020).

The transport technologies department has the following disciplines:

“Bachelor’s” degree:

• Hydromechanics and ship hydraulic drive;

• Ecology and environmental protection;

• Theory and structure of the ship and the basics of ship energy;

• Educational practice;

• Technical thermodynamics and heat transfer;

• Drives of ship machines and mechanisms;

• Ship auxiliaries cargo equipment and deck mechanisms;

• Ship power plants and electrical equipment of ships;

• Basics of Ship Power Engineering;

• Materials science and technology of materials

• Technical chemistry and technology for the use of working substances;

• Computer engineering graphics;

• Engineering graphics;

• Technical mechanics;

• Theoretical mechanics;

• Applied mechanics

“Master’s” degree:

• Informational systems of technical support of ships;

• Modern methods of experimental research and data processing;

• Technical management of shipping companies;

• Management of ship power plants ;

• Management of technical operation of the fleet;

“Doctor of Philosophy” degree

Specialty 132 – materials science

• Materials Science;

• New materials in engineering;

• Technology of materials;

• Nanocomposite materials ;

• Materials properties modelling methods;

• Information systems in scientific activity;

• Technological materials for friction units;

• Polymer composites modified by energy fields;

• Research methods of thermophysical properties and structure of materials;

• Protective coatings of structural materials.

Specialty 275 – transport technologies

• New materials for repair of transportation technologies;

• Modern technologies of repair of transportation technologies ;

• Diagnostic and control methods of reliability of transportation technologies ;

• Restoration of technical condition of vehicle parts;

• Development of methods to increase the efficiency of operation of transportation technologies;

• Information systems in scientific activity;

• Modern methods of forecasting the characteristics of materials for repair ;

• Corrosion, methods of improving the efficiency of vehicle parts;

• Methods of research of physical and mechanical properties and structure of materials;

• Polymer coatings of structural materials;