Department of Innovative Technologies and Technical Devices of Navigation

Department was founded according to Rector’s order on the basis of KSMA Academic Council decision dated September 22, 2017 No. 339 through reorganization of Navigation and Life Safety at Sea Department.

Department was founded to train specialists of sea and river transport of Ukraine. The needs of navigation are studied and researched, in cooperation with coastal enterprises of sea and river fleet.

Since Navigation specialty becomes more relevant in world fleet, it becomes necessary to train specialists who receive higher education diploma and certificate of competency of Navigators and Captains, having knowledge in special disciplines: Electric navigation equipment, Radio navigation devices, Technical means of navigation, Global maritime communications for search and rescue, Modern automated ship traffic control systems, etc.

Department tasks:

  • purposeful learning process, focused on modern organization of department research, teaching, methodological and educational work;
  • maximum provision of high-quality and modern materials for Bachelors’ and Masters’ training, in accordance with state educational standards, STCW, IMO requests;
  • organization and implementation at proper scientific and methodological levels of educational process in group and individual forms of work;
  • development and implementation of new methods and teaching aids that ensure high quality of educational process, taking into account global trends in development of maritime education;
  • implementation of educational and professional programs, training curricula, continuous development and improvement of effectiveness of department educational and methodological activities in accordance with standards;
  • study, generalization and implementation of advanced pedagogical experience, maritime practice in order to improve level, professional culture and pedagogical skills of department employees;
  • preparation and systematic updating of methodological support of educational activities in academic disciplines;
  • improving quality of disciplines teaching and introducing innovative technologies into educational process;
  • organizing and conducting classes in training system for certified workers, that is, advanced training of teaching staff;
  • creation of conditions for cooperation with maritime enterprises in order to improve teachers’ activities, training of competent specialists;
  • scientific research according to approved department profile plan.

Department functions:

  • methodological support of educational process and recommendations for its organization in full-time, part-time education for all types of training sessions: lectures, practical classes, seminars, laboratory classes in accordance with academic load and in accordance with schedule; also cadets in professional retraining programs for specialists with higher education (additional education programs) in disciplines and courses taught in amount determined by current teaching load standards;
  • ensuring quality of educational process in accordance with standards of higher education and regulatory documents on organization of educational process;
  • assistance in implementation of the best world experience in ensuring education quality, taking into account requirements of labor market for specialists’ competence;
  • participation in coordination of schedules of classes, tests, exams and control over changes in schedule of classes;
  • systematic development of annual and long-term plans for advanced training of employees; analysis of data on employment of graduates and assistance to them;
  • formation of plans for advanced training of scientific and pedagogical workers and control over their implementation;
  • creation of necessary conditions for work of teachers and researchers on dissertations, participation of department employees in conferences, organization of discussion of research results;
  • introduction of active and passive interactive and innovative types of teaching, creating conditions for development of cadets’ creative abilities;
  • control of cadets’ (students’) training quality in disciplines of department, analysis of current and final control results, organization and control of independent work of cadets (students);
  • recording and monitoring progress and attendance of classes by cadets (students), analyzing results of academic performance and taking measures to improve quality of teaching and improve content of academic disciplines;
  • participation of teachers in work of appeal and examination commissions in main disciplines that are assigned to department;
  • development and periodic updating of working curricula in disciplines, programs-practices, and other educational-methodological materials, as well as updating subject of coursework and diploma theses
  • development and application of progressive methods, latest techniques, information and innovative teaching technologies;
  • creation of conditions for continuity of learning and research processes;
  • timely implementation of work on development, modernization and strengthening of material and technical base of department, including constant improvement of teaching and laboratory equipment, equipping department with modern computer technology and their widespread introduction into educational process;
  • study, generalization and dissemination of work experience of best teachers, mentoring and assistance to teachers-beginners in mastering pedagogical and professional skills;
  • consulting cadets, graduate students, as well as students under professional retraining programs for specialists with higher education (additional education programs) in disciplines and courses taught in amount determined by current teaching load standards.

Department has laboratory of innovative technologies to improve quality of teaching disciplines and introduction of innovative technologies in educational process of Academy. It was created to teach academy staff latest technologies for working in single information and educational space, helping in formation of electronic, educational and scientific content. Teachers explore blended learning techniques, adaptive learning technologies, and mobile learning. Monitoring, analysis, adaptation and implementation of promising areas of innovative technologies of world trends are constantly carried out in order to qualitatively form competencies of maritime specialists. Laboratory workers provide high-quality advisory individual assistance to all participants of educational process in development and implementation of innovative education technologies.

Thus, department task is fulfilled by integrating training and practice, full and effective application of all elements of educational process, taking into account capabilities of latest information and ship technologies.