Department of Humanities and Social Sciences and Innovative Pedagogy

Department formation as basic structural unit KSMA began in 2004.

Department originates from department of Humanitarian and Socio-Economic Training, which in different years was headed by PhD in history, associate professor Natalya Krugla, PhD in history, Professor Volodymyr Khodakovskyi and Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Lilia Kulykova.

Today head of department is PhD in history, Associate Professor Victoria Dobrovolska. Department provides high level of teaching. It teaches disciplines of curricula normative and variable components of KSMA Navigation and Marine Engineering faculties of full-time and part-time forms.

Department goal: formation of students’ scientific worldview, methodological culture of their thinking and activity, humanism, patriotic and civic qualities, skills and abilities of intercultural communication, professional responsibility as specialist.

Department tasks:

• implementation of educational and professional programs, curricula for training of specialists in river and sea transport;

• development and systematic updating of scientific and methodological support of academic disciplines which are taught at department;

• introduction of new forms, methods and technologies of teaching;

• carrying out scientific research on department profile;

• formation of scientific and practical worldview of future specialists in river and sea transport through implementation of competence-based approach;

• participation in professional development of teaching and scientific-pedagogical personnel.

Department functions:

• organization and conduct of lectures, seminars, practical and other types of classes provided for by curriculum;

• organization and control of students’ individual work;

• conducting current and semester final control events, testing of knowledge, skills and abilities of future specialists in river and sea transport;

• carrying out activities to organize educational work among students;

• development and approval of disciplines syllabuses;

• carrying out research work, approved by plan, in accordance with department specific problems;

• supervising of cadets’ research work;

• preparation of scientific publications, monographs, textbooks, teaching aids, dictionaries, reference books, collections of tasks, educational-methodical complexes and other educational and scientific-methodical literature;

• peer review, examination, recommendation for publication of monographs, dissertations, abstracts, scientific articles and publications, etc.;

• assistance to pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical workers in mastering pedagogical skills.

Department development program:

• improving of blended (online and offline) educational process based on competence-based approach, improving of teaching quality of humanitarian cycle disciplines in order to form students’ “soft skills” and professional competencies;

• creation of conditions for joint research work of teachers and students;

• development of scientific and methodological support system and informatization of educational process and department scientific activities;

• improving department educational work for students’ professional and personal development;

• development of department personnel potential, increasing level of teachers’ methodological and scientific training.

Department office is located in room 321, АB 1 KSMA.