Navigation Department

Department goal:

high-quality training of applicants for higher education in accordance with the state standards of higher education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the requirements of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, International Maritime Organization, STCW, as amended.

Department tasks:

• increasing the effectiveness of training aimed at obtaining competencies by applicants for higher education and the ability to demonstrate them, high-quality organization of research, methodological and educational work of the department;

• development of work programs in disciplines, within the framework which the competencies are obtained, the latest achievements of science and the prospects for their development;

• maintaining a high moral and ethical status of the department;

• maintaining the effective functioning, constant development and increasing the effectiveness of the educational and methodological activities of the department in accordance with state standards of higher education;

• providing of educational and methodological services at a highly professional level, striving to achieve the best results;

• regular professional development of the teaching staff;

• implementation of fruitful cooperation with maritime enterprises for the effective activity of the teaching staff.

Department functions:

  • conducting of training sessions (lectures, workshops, seminars, laboratory work);
  • consulting of applicants for higher education in accordance with the established procedure;
  • organization and regular control of individual work of applicants for higher education;
  • scientific and methodological guidance of Masters thesis and their review, as well as the term thesis;
  • organization of training and pre-diploma practice for applicants for higher education, provided for in the curriculum;
  • implementation of credits, examinations and state qualification exams;
  • implementation of the planned volume of educational and methodological work, ensuring the conduct of the educational process at a high level (development and submission for approval of working curricula, preparation and updating of teaching aids, teaching materials, tasks individual work);
  • implementation of the students’ personal, social education, interacting with Student government, Council of Young Scientists, participating in different activities provided for students at Academy;
  • development of annual and long-term plans for professional development of the department employees;
  • assistance to the employees of the department in their creative growth, conducting and discussing open lectures and other types of training sessions at the methodological seminar, studying and disseminating advanced pedagogical experience;
  • creating the necessary conditions for the work of researchers on candidate dissertations, organizing the discussion of dissertations, facilitating the participation of department employees in conferences and publishing research results;
  • carrying out work on the development, modernization of the material and technical base of the department, including the continuous improvement of educational and laboratory facilities, equipping the department with modern computer technology and their widespread introduction into the educational process;
  • implementation of scientific and design work corresponding to the profile of the department, research work in the field of theory and methodology of higher education;
  • involvement of students in research work;
  • providing of consulting services to external organizations;
  • participation in the discussion and examination of completed research projects, making an opinion on their scientific and practical significance, recommendations for their implementation in practice and publication;
  • cooperation with the departments of domestic and foreign higher educational institutions on educational, methodical and research work;
  • ensuring the quality of education, taking into account the strategic goals of the Academy.

Department development program:

• introduction of blended learning in the educational process of the department;

• continuous development and interest of students, through the effective organization of pages of academic disciplines on the LMS Moodle distance learning website;

• regular professional development of the department staff;

• constant involvement of shipowners and crewing companies in the educational process.

Department location:

AB 2, off. 231

Department directions of training

Branch of knowledge 27 Transport, specialty 271 River and sea transport, educational and professional program “Navigation and Ship Handling” (sets of applicants for higher education from 2019).

Branch of knowledge 27 Transport, specialty 271 River and sea transport, educational program “Navigation” (sets of applicants for higher education until 2019).

Department cooperation:

Today, a special place in the work is occupied by cooperation with domestic and foreign partners – maritime educational institutions, scientific and technical institutes, shipping and crewing companies. The department cooperates with:

  • Navigation faculty, Odessa National Maritime Academy;
  • Department of Labor Protection and Safety at Sea, Odessa National Maritime University;
  • Department of Navigation and Ship Handling, Kiev State Academy of Water Transport named after Hetman P. Konashevych-Sagaidachnyi;
  • Department of Safety, Institute of Ecology, National Aviation University, Kiev;
  • Maritime Administration of Ukraine;
  • International Association of Maritime Universities;
  • Nautical Institute;
  • Institute of Public Administration in the Field of Civil Protection, Kiev
  • Educational and methodical center for civil protection and life safety of Kherson region, Kherson
  • International Academy of Ecology and Life Protection Sciences