General information of training facilities

General information

 Simulators and Training facilities built in accordance with requirements of International Maritime Organization (ІМО) and International Convention STCW 78/95 with Manila amendments. The facilities were audited by Danish marine management and verification inspection by the European agency on marine safety (EMSA) of the state of the departmental, trainer preparation of seamen. In January, 2011 Educational establishment confirmed ISO 9001:2009 audited by Ukrainian Shipping or Register.

  The facilities provide opportunity for all cadets gain essential skills and knowledge prior first board assignment to be a competent in accordance with STCW. Assessment is major parts of study process in Academy.

  Academy owns best equipment, facilities, simulators and physical resources to deliver effective on-site training. This includes:

  • Navigational Purposed Simulators
  • GMDSS Simulator
  • Engine Room Simulator
  • Survival Complex
  • Fire Ground
  • Survival Craft Complex
  • Heavy Lift and Crane Handling Simulator
  • High Voltage Laboratory
  • Lashing and Safe Work on Deck Module
  • Refrigerator Container Module
  • Medical Class Room (Medical First Aid Laboratory)
  • Ship Security Class Room
  • Maritime Resource Management Class Room
  • Mooring Station

  KSMA instructors deliver STCW and Specialized courses for cadets to meet standards of nowadays industry. KSMA has designed facilities to deliver high level of training on site both national and international trainings including OPITO approved courses for offshore workers. These training solutions are targeted on cadets of all ranks and ages. We strive to give practical knowledge and skills that our cadets can use.