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Do you want to obtain a profession for real men, see the world and be successful and independent? Here you will find out how to choose your mission in life and achieve your goals!

Do you dream of becoming a seafarer and would love to see how it really happens? The Virtual reality ship is waiting for you in the first year already! You can feel how it is to be a captain or marine engineer, you will be able to test your knowledge on the latest ship equipment, practice on the bridge; you will learn how to secure containers, practice rescue skills on water and many more.

Do you want to know which companies we work with? Already in the 2rd year, our cadets undergo sailing practice on board ships of international companies. One of the largest crewing companies, Marlow Navigation, annually recruits 100 cadets from the second year of studying. Our cadets become members of the sponsorship programme Marlow Navigation; they not only get their first job on ships sailing all seas and oceans, but also receive training, information support and even get laptops with all necessary software to work on board as gifts.

Are you a leader? Take part in the management of the academy, become a member of the cadet community in student government and learn how to stand up for your and your colleges` interests!

Are you interested in innovations? The academy has a scientific society; our cadets take part in modern scientific developments, represent the academy in scientific competitions and conferences.

Are you gifted? Our cadets express themselves in music, dancing and theatre; they successfully perform at various events and won many creative competitions.

Are you into sports? You can become a member of football, basketball, volleyball, chess, swimming sections of our sport club and participate in various sport competitions. Our cadets receive medals and cups persistently. The academy is rightfully proud of their achievements.

If you are not from Kherson, you will be given a room in the dormitory. It will help you adapt faster in a circle of like-minded people.

Do you want to be popular? Our cadets are the pride of the town at all important ceremonial events! The main event of the academy is the annual cadet initiation.

You haven`t finished school yet, but you already dream of becoming a seafarer? Kherson Maritime Lyceum and Maritime College will help you not only finish school, but also get a profession at the same time. You can become a navigator, marine engineer, electrician, steward on a cruise liner.