Research work of cadets

The research work of cadets is an integral part of the scientific activity of the academy and the first stage in the training of scientific personnel. It is one of the important means of improving the quality of specialists training with higher education; it contributes to the expansion of general and professional worldview. The coordinating body of the organization of cadets’ research work is the Scientific Society of students, graduate students, doctoral students and young scientists of Kherson State Maritime Academy.

The main tasks of cadets’ research work at the academy are:

• involvement of cadets in research activities at different stages of training in the Free Economic Zone;

• acquaintance of cadets with scientific methods of cognition, maintenance of creative mastering of educational material;

• dissemination among cadets of various forms of scientific creativity in accordance with the principle of unity of science and practice, the formation of interest in scientific and pedagogical research as a basis for acquiring new knowledge;

• formation of a creative attitude to the profession by involving cadets in research activities;

• involvement of gifted cadets in purposeful research work in various scientific teams of the academy;

• cooperation with other institutions of higher education and scientific institutions, study of domestic and foreign experience in the research work organization with the introduction of advanced forms and methods of scientific research in the work of the academy;

• organizational and methodological work to improve the efficiency of student research groups and problem groups operating at KSMA;

• organization and holding of various events on cadets’ research work (scientific seminars and conferences, competitions of student’s scientific works, Olympiads on various disciplines and specialties, reviews-competitions).

The main forms of research work of cadets at the academy are: research circles, problem groups, participation in student competitions, scientific conferences and competitions of different levels (academic, regional, national and international), research projects during the writing of course and master’s theses.

In order to intensify research work, create conditions for creative growth of KSMA cadets and increase their research competence the following groups work at the academy: group for deep study of strength problems while designing, constructing and operating ships “Method of analysis and synthesis in deformed body mechanics”; interuniversity SDB “ARGO” (the Head: the senior teacher V. Aleksenko); problem-scientific cadets group of KSMA, the direction of “Protection of the marine environment during ships operation” (the Head: Professor V. Leonov).

Kherson State Maritime Academy pays great attention to encouraging cadets and young scientists of the academy for significant scientific achievements. Every year, according to the results of active research activities, young scientists and active cadets are recommended to receive state prizes, scholarships and awards based on the results of active research activities.