Intellectual property

Guarantees of acquisition, exercise and protection of the intellectual property right are integral attributes of the statehood of Ukraine. Creating a modern improved system of legal protection of intellectual property contributes to the development of the national economy, preservation and enrichment of scientific and technological potential of the state, development of international trade, attracting foreign investment into the country’s economy, in particular in the form of the latest technologies. The legislation in the area of Intellectual property seeks to protect the interests of authors and other creators of intellectual products and services by granting them certain defined, time-limited rights that allow them to control the use of their creative activity. The normative framework of the intellectual property in a general sense consists of a set of laws, normative and instructive documents, which determine the order of creation, safekeeping, use and protection of the results of intellectual and creative activity of a person.

At Kherson State Maritime Academy, the special attention is paid to the issues related to intellectual property protection. The specialist of Technical Information Department in the field of intellectual property is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, laws of Ukraine, resolutions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, acts of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and other inventive acts. In order to effectively use the scientific potential of the academic and teaching staff of Kherson State Maritime Academy and promote the commercialization of objects of intellectual property right created in the performance of scientific, scientific-technical and methodological works, the specialist of the department provides organizational and methodological assistance in preparing and submitting documents (applications ) on objects of intellectual property right to the patenting bodies in Ukraine established  by the law. He/she also prepares materials for participation in the All-Ukrainian competition “Invention of the Year”.

In order to find investors and partners for the organization of joint production and implementation of materials at Ukrainian enterprises and abroad, the materials of technological proposals of innovative developments of KSMA are prepared to be featured on the website of the Center for Transfer of Innovative Technologies and the System of Transfer of Energy and Resource Saving Technologies. Contacts: Leading Specialist of Technical Information Department – Inna Holikova Academic Building no.2, room. 205, Tel.: (0552) 22-35-69; e-mail: