Practical training

The main structural subdivision of HDMA, which organizes practical training of cadets, is practice, certification and employment department, which maintains close contacts with stakeholders (domestic and foreign shipping / crewing companies), forms a database of vacancies for cadets distribution on bases of practice according to their success and qualification.

Practice, certification and employment department performs the following main functions:

  • organizes and coordinates the work on cooperation of KSMA with shipping and crewing companies in terms of practical training and employment of KSMA cadets;
  • helps to provide cadets with places for all types of internships and further employment;
  • provides proposals to KSMA management on concluding agreements with shipping and crewing companies on issues of practical training and employment of graduate cadets;
  • monitors the progress of practical training and analyzes the results of practices;
  • monitors the work of departments on the practical training of cadets;
  • facilitates the preparation of documents by graduate cadets for the first working diploma;

organizes meetings of employers with cadets on the possibility of their assistance in employment in shipping and crewing companies, shipping agencies, institutions and organizations to promote the employment of cadets and graduates.

Kherson State Maritime Academy provides cadets with sailing training and industrial practice, which is a mandatory component of the training of any specialist. During the internship, cadets consolidate the acquired knowledge and skills, gaining practical experience in real conditions on ships.


The practice, certification and employment department constantly receives cadet vacancies from various shipping and crewing companies, most of which are usually urgent. Cadets who are not registered for sailing practice and are looking for a place to practice can fill out a questionnaire (APPLICATION FORM) and send it to the e-mail address below:

 Cadets of Kherson State Maritime Academy  – to practice, certification and employment department  tel. 49-21-09

 Cadets of Maritime College of KSMA – to employment promotion department  tel. 22-27-51.

In case of applications from shipping and crewing companies, your questionnaires will be considered and selected for an interview at the request of shipping companies. This will increase your chances of successfully finding a place to practice and sail away.