International Affairs Department


is a structural subdivision of Kherson State Maritime Academy, which provides organizational, technical and informational and methodological support to the international activities of KSMA, development of cooperation with international organizations, educational institutions, improvement of educational process and quality of training with the use of international experience in accordance with the current legislation and orders of Rector of KSMA.


  • is to organize the work regarding the participation of the Academy in international programs in the field of maritime science and education;
  • coordination of international programs being realized with the involvement of the Academy;
  • promotion of cooperation with higher education institutions, research centers and organizations of other countries;
  • diversification of forms of education;
  • creation of conditions for the integration of the KSMA education system into the global scientific and educational environment.


  • Organization of cooperation of KSMA with foreign HEIs, scientific institutions and associations, scientists, teachers and officials;
  • Search for information on international grants, projects, international scientific conferences and programs for supporting scientific and educational activities of teachers, staff members and higher education contenders;
  • Preparation of proposals for establishing contacts with foreign educational institutions, agencies, associations, as well as their representations in Ukraine;
  • Methodological management of registration of projects and application documents to participate in calls for receiving grants of international funds and professional associations;
  • Assistance to KSMA teachers and staff in scientific internships at foreign HEIs and other establishments;
  • Organization of documentation preparation for KSMA to participate in calls for application for international funds as also in international programs;
  • Assistance in the preparation and holding of international scientific conferences, seminars and symposia at the Academy;
  • Organization of mobility of academic and teaching stuff and higher education contenders;
  • Registration of grant applications and projects carried out at the Academy, as well as their monitoring and execution control;
  • Study and generalization of experience in the development of international curricula in the field of maritime education and science, study the feasibility and possibilities of their implementation at KSMA.