Information that is subject to mandatory disclosure

Guided by the Law of Ukraine “On Access to Public Information”, Kherson State Maritime Academy provides public information in response to an information request.

The inquirer of information has the right to apply to Kherson State Maritime Academy (hereinafter – KSMA) with a request for information, the requirements for which are defined by the Law of Ukraine “On Access to Public Information”.

Inquirers of information may submit a request for information orally, in writing or otherwise (by mail, fax, telephone, e-mail) of inquirers’ choice, as well as apply to KSMA with a request for information during a personal reception by KSMA officials.

The written request is submitted in any form and must contain:

  • name (title) of the inquirer, postal or e-mail address, as well as the number of the means of communication, if any;
  • general description of the information or the type, title, details or content of the requested document, if it is known to the inquirer;
  • signature and date if provided request is made in writing.

Public information on request is provided free of charge. However, if satisfaction of the request for information involves the production of copies of documents longer than ten pages, the inquirer is obliged to reimburse the actual costs of copying and printing.

Contact information for sending an information request:

Address for written inquiries: 20 Ushakova Ave., Kherson.

Telephone/Fax: (0552) 49-59-02