Rector’s Page

Shipping and shipbuilding is the basis for development of Southern Ukraine in general and Kherson Region in particular. These branches have always played an important role in the economy of any state, thus the profession of a seafarer is one of the most honored around the world.

Only strong and courageous people can conquer the waves. The seafarers and shipbuilders apply their efforts to forge economic independence of the country, multiply defense power and force of the state. The seafarer’s job is connected with immense responsibility for life and health of passengers and crew members, safety and condition of cargo. Solid knowledge, highest professionalism and ability to face hard working conditions help to bear the burden. The graduates of Kherson State Maritime Academy possess all the required qualities.   

KSMA was founded in 1834 as Merchant Shipping School and was reorganized eight times. Nowadays the Academy is the higher educational institution of the IV accreditation level. Thousands of professionals trained here during nearly two centuries contributed a lot to the development of global and national shipping.

We take great pride in the Academy, maintain its traditions and augment the achievements of our predecessors by day-to-day work. Presently KSMA develops rapidly thanks to the concerned staff. The KSMA personnel successfully implement the European approach to training of new generation of the Ukrainian brainpower by embodying human’s spirit of creation in work.  

By choosing KSMA you choose the extensive and reputable scientific and educational centre with glorious history, established traditions and admirable results of work. 

Welcome to Kherson State Maritime Academy!

Rector of KSMA,

Doctor of Education

V. Cherniavskyi