Twinning EN

  • Within the framework of the TwinForHope campaign developed by the UK universities and in order to share academic experience, there were signed agreements between the University of Plymouth and Kherson State Maritime Academy (KSMA) and State University of Infrastructure and Technologies (SUIT).
  • On October 5, 2022, there was held a working meeting between representatives of Kherson State Maritime Academy and Dr. Kelly Lewington, Mental Health Manager, University of Plymouth (UK). Participants of the event discussed main areas of joint activity and scheduled holding the first guest lectures for KSMA cadets purposed to provide tools for self-correlation of future maritime specialists’ mental health.
  • With the support of Cormack Consultancy Group, the University of Plymouth (UK) provided technical equipment to ensure the administration of educational and admission processes of KSMA.
  • Hello Project was launched at KSMA with support of colleagues and students of the University of Plymouth (UK). Helen Bowstead, project manager from the Plymouth University, wished the first- and second-year students of KSMA success in improving their English language skills. Iryna Shvetsova, project manager from KSMA, thanked her colleagues for their support and the opportunities they offer for our students.
  • Mental Health managers from KSMA, Olena BEZLUTSKA and Iryna SHVETSOVA, arranged and held a meeting between the students of the Navigation Faculty of KSMA and Dr. Kelly LEWINGTON. Dr. Kelly LEWINGTON presented information on useful mental health resources at the University of Plymouth that would be available to KSMA cadets. Participants of the meeting had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss mental health problems.
  • On November 8, 2022, there was held a reporting meeting on the issues of the work carried out during the last five months. Participants of the meeting discussed first results of Mental Health and Hello projects; outcomes of science working groups meetings. Scientists from both universities collaborate in order to work on joint scientific investigations, papers and projects.
  • Kherson State Maritime Academy and the University of Plymouth jointly received a grant to work within the Dual Degree program. Future Masters studying at the Marine Engineering Faculty will have the opportunity to obtain a dual degree of KSMA and the University of Plymouth in Ship Technical Systems and Complexes Operation. Kherson State Maritime Academy is one of the Twinning Initiative winners among Ukrainian representatives. The initiative is supported by the UK universities and government.