Research Activities

The research activity at the Department of English in Marine Power Engineering is aimed at improving the quality of future seafarers’ education and training. In this regard, the initiative research on Maritime English Deeper Learning Technology under Interdisciplinary Approachhas been developing by the teaching staff.

The research work takes four stages:

1) Conceptual development of the Maritime English Deeper Learning Technology under Interdisciplinary Approach;

2) Approbation of methods chosen for effective implementation of Maritime English Deeper Learning Technology under Interdisciplinary Approach;

3) Teachers’ staff training as well as teaching and learning resources updating in accordance with principles of deeper learning;

4) Reinterpretation of teacher’s and student’s roles in deeper learning process with publishing and highlighting the research results at scientific conferences, on the Moodle platform and on the KSMA website.

Both teachers and cadets carry out their research activity within the framework of a specified scientific activity and in accordance with its priorities, participating in scientific and practical conferences and publishing scientific papers.

For the period 2019 – 2020 publications by teaching staff are presented by 4 articles in SCOPUS; 6 student’s books; 11 articles in international journals; 16 articles in national scientific journals; 1 article in category B journal; 1 – in multi-authored monograph; 13 abstracts; 45 items co-authored with cadets.

The department ensured the participation of KSMA cadets in students’ scientific and practical conferences, both all-Ukrainian and international, where they presented the results of their scientific research.

Besides, to improve their level of proficiency teachers actively participate in upgrade training seminars and training courses (6), including internships abroad (2).