Learning and Methodological Facilities

Teachers of the English Language Department for Marine Engineers work towards transforming the traditional educational process into a blended learning process. For this purpose, they develop teaching and learning materials for distance learning and improve teachers’ methodological skills.

According to the department work plan, teaching and learning resources are annually updated. Among them: working curricula, sylabuses, teaching aids, tests for current and final control, exam papers for bachelor and master degrees.

The updated teaching and learning content gets through a department meeting approval, KSMA education and methodics department registration and, finally, a placement on LMS Moodle educational electronic platform in the Academic content section: https://mdl.ksma.ks.ua/course/index.php?categoryid=442.

Teaching of “Maritime English” (1-2 courses), “English for specific purposes” (3-4 courses) and “Business English” (5 course) is provided  by means of teaching and learning resources developed by teams of authors from among the KSMA and MC KSMA English language teachers. Of these, there are:

Full Ahead: Student’s book /  [I. Denychenko, V. Kudriavtseva, O. Litikova, O. Tokareva, O. Parkhomenko, A. Yurzhenko, N. Yaresko]. – Kherson: “Timex” PH, 2020. – 190 p.

Power the Ship: Student’s book / [S. Golovina, H. Gukova, A. Korovenkova, M. Ohienko, Yu. Tymoschuk, V. Cherchenko]. – Kherson: “TIMEX” PH, 2020.- 255p.

Ship’s Heart: Student’s book / [I. Afanasievska, Yu. Hryshko, O. Diagyleva, V. Kudriavtseva, O. Litikova, O. Tokareva]. – Kherson: “Borysfen”, 2020. – 249 p.

Smart Control: Student’s book / [Yu. Barzii, O. Litikova, N. Ohorodnyk, H. Solovei, Ya. Usova]. – Kherson: “Borysfen” PH, 2020. – 246 p.

Control The Power!: Student’s book / [I. Krasnovska, M. Ohyienko, Yu. Tymoschuk]. – Kherson: “TIMEX” PH, 2020. – 162 p.

Manage It Shipshape: Student’s book / [O. Litikova, N. Ohorodnyk, H. Solovei]. – Kherson: “Borysfen” PH, 2020. – 137 p.

Tasks section on LMS Moodle represents the department teachers’ individual courses, which aim to contribute to the development of cadets’ learning competences while doing interactive tasks with elements of visualization and contextualization  https://mdl.ksma.ks.ua/course/index.php?categoryid=353 .

Tests section on LMS Moodle represents tests of current and final control developed by the department teachers to assess the cadets’ academic progress Ошибка! Недопустимый объект гиперссылки. .

Self-study tests section on LMS Moodle is arranged for cadets’ individual work https://mdl.ksma.ks.ua/course/index.php?categoryid=1186, as well as Part-time study section provides the opportunity of distance learning for extra-mural students: https:/ /mdl.ksma.ks.ua/course/index.php?categoryid=849.

Section Preparation for Uniform Entrance Exam provides bachelor’s degree earners with preliminary English tests for further enrollment in the Master courses https://mdl.ksma.ks.ua/course/view.php?id=2395.

Workshops section on LMS Moodle comprises summary materials of Teachers Workshops and Faculty Development Sessions on teaching skills development and effective teaching and learning strategies mastering https://mdl.ksma.ks.ua/course/ view.php?id=3657 . There are also special masterclasses for language teachers on general and specific professional disciplines that are periodically provided by subject teachers.