Learning and Methodological Facilities

The Department of Natural Science Training provides fundamental training for bachelors of river and sea transport, specializations “Navigation and control of sea vessels”, “Management of ship technical systems and complexes”, “Operation of Ship Electrical Equipment and Automatic Devices”.

 Teachers of the department are the authors and co-authors of a significant number of textbooks, which are used in their teaching activities, scientific publications in professional journals and patents of Ukraine for utility models.

Teachers of the department train specialists of higher education degree “bachelor” in the direction of training 271 “River and sea transport” of the following professional areas: navigation and control of sea vessels, control of ship technical systems and complexes, operation of ship electrical equipment and automation.

The specialists of the department teach the following disciplines: higher mathematics, physics, maritime astronomy, mathematical basics of navigation, basic mathematics for students studying on the basis of complete general secondary education and educational qualification level “junior specialist” in all specialties full-time and part-time.

The educational process is carried out on the basis of the competence-communicative approach and is provided with the educational and methodical materials developed by experts of department. Such materials include: lecture notes, compiled taking into account the requirements of the IMO model course, training materials for practical classes of an applied nature and guidelines for laboratory classes conducted in specialized laboratories, and the author’s methodological developments.

Teachers of the department carry out the educational process by means of blended learning, which combines classroom activities and elements of e-learning. E-learning is provided through the LMS Moodle environment, which includes a user-friendly and functional interface and the ability to use a mobile application. LMS Moodle provides interactive learning, which includes interactive lectures, online test polls, active communication in the “forum” mode, as well as the ability to reflect on learning activities by cadets. The LMS Moodle provides an e-gradebook that records cadets’ academic achievements. “Electronic” points accumulated on the LMS Moodle are taken into account during the final certification.

All teachers of the department have subject pages on the Moodle platform for the disciplines they teach. The authors of the courses regularly update the training materials, create interactive electronic courses by modules, using professional-oriented tasks that mimic the elements of real situations that are possible in the professional activities of seafarers. Teachers of the department have the opportunity to communicate with cadets online and offline in an electronic course, which provides feedback from cadets.