On May 27, 2021, KSMA hosted the quest within Science Decade «Around the World” which is the first Geography quest at the Academy. It was attended by 33 cadets of Navigation Faculty. Before the quest, the students listened to Administration of Academy wished: Vice-Rector on Extracurricular Work of KSMA Oleksandr Shumei, Dean of Navigation Faculty, Associate Professor Yaroslav Nahrybelnyi, Deputy Dean for Educational Work Vadym Polishchuk .

The quest was organized by two departments: English Language Department for Deck Officers (Head of the Department, Professor Valentyna Kudryavtseva and Associate Professor Iryna Shvetsova) and Department of Humanities and Social Sciences and Innovative Pedagogy (Head of the Department, Associate Professor Victoria Dobrovolska).

The quest was conducted with the participation of the department’s teachers. Olena Frolova, Nataliia Bobrysheva, Kseniia Boiko, Valeriia Bondarenko, Yuliia Klopka, Olena Ovchynnikova, Victoria Kostiushko, Yelyzaveta Zhuravlova in cooperation with the head of the MFC team Liubov Hynina

The cadets made an interesting journey, visiting nine “ports”. The tasks were varied: virtual travelling through countries, solving geographical puzzles, searching for ports on a map by geographical coordinates, decoding anagrams, “immersion” in ocean currents, being in the “kingdom of history”, etc. The cadets showed their knowledge, intelligence, team spirit and desire to win.

The smartest and fastest team of such cadets won: Mykola Storchak (112-1), Andrii Moroz (112-2), Serhii Setrin (121-1), Denys Khortiuk (125-1), Rached  Ali Dib (127ін), Oleksandr Bazyhin (124-1).