Field of application


Regulatory references


Terms, definitions and abbreviations


General provisions


Main functions of the faculty according to areas of activity


Structure and management of the faculty






Interrelations with other subdivisions


Organizational and academic-methodological support of the faculty


Funding of facultys activity


Procedure of introduction and approval of changes to this regulation






1. This Regulation was developed by the Dean of Navigation Faculty of Kherson State Maritime Academy (hereinafter KSMA).

2. It is approved by KSMA Academic council.

3. It is put into effect by order of Rector of KSMA.

5. Periodic inspection is carried out with an interval not exceeding 12 months.

6. Changes are developed as a result of Regulations application in practice at KSMA or at change of requirements of regulatory documents on the basis of which the Regulation is developed.




1.1. This Regulation is an internal normative document that establishes the legal status of Faculty activities; defines forms of organization, mechanisms of management and functioning of the Faculty; defines rights and responsibilities of the Faculty Dean, his Deputies and employees of the dean's office; defines forms of organization and mechanisms of Faculty participation in the functioning of the quality management system of KSMA; defines main statements of Rectors office policy on Faculties of KSMA.

1.2. Confidentiality. This Regulation is an internal normative document of KSMA, and therefore is not subject to review by other parties, except for the auditors of KSMA or the auditors of the certification body during quality inspections and other bodies that carry out inspections.




2.1. This Regulation is applicable to Navigation Faculty of KSMA.




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a structural subdivision of a higher education institution that unites at least three departments and / or laboratories, which, at state and municipal higher education institutions together, provide training of at least 200 full-time students (except for faculties of military educational institutions (institutions with specific learning conditions), institutions of physical education and sports, institutions of culture and art)


a basic structural subdivision of a higher education institution of the state (communal) form of ownership (its branches, institutes, faculties) that carries out educational, methodological and / or scientific activity in a certain specialty (specialization) or interdisciplinary group of specialties; it includes at least five academic and teaching workers for whom the department is the main place of work, and at least three of them - with a scientific degree or academic (honorary) title


persons studying at a higher education institution at a certain higher education level in order to obtain the appropriate degree and qualification

educational activity

activities of higher education institutions that is carried out in order to ensure the acquisition of higher and postgraduate education and to meet other educational needs of students and other persons

study programme

system of educational components at the appropriate higher education level within the specialty that determines the requirements for the education level of persons who can start training under this programme, the list of academic disciplines and the logical sequence of their study, the number of ECTS credits required to implement the programme and expected learning outcomes (competencies) that must be mastered by the student for the appropriate higher education degree;


component of the specialty that is determined by a higher education institution and provides for a specialized study programme to train students and postgraduate students;


component of the field of knowledge according to which the professional training is carried out;

academic and teaching staff

persons who carry out educational, methodological, scientific (scientific-technical, artistic) and organizational activities in the main place of work at higher education institutions.

teaching staff

persons who carry out educational, methodological and organizational activities in the main place of work at higher education institutions.

academic staff

persons who professionally carry out scientific, scientific-technical or scientific-organizational activity at the main place of work and in accordance with the employment agreement (contract) and have the appropriate qualification regardless of existence of the scientific degree or academic title




higher education;


higher education institution;


 Examination Commission;


Human Resources Department;


scientific and research activity;


study programme;


quality management system;


academic and teaching staff;


quality guideline;


Kherson State Maritime Academy;


Professional Maritime College of Kherson State Maritime Academy;


 Professional Maritime Lyceum of Kherson State Maritime Academy



1.1.     Regulation on Navigation Faculty of KSMA (hereinafter - the Regulations) are developed in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine and is a document governing the activities of Navigation Faculty of Kherson State Maritime Academy (hereinafter - the Academy, KSMA).

In its activities, Navigation Faculty is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, Laws "On Education", "On Higher Education", "On Scientific and Scientific-Technical Activity", the Statute of KSMA, the Regulation "On the Organization of the Educational Process at KSMA", Orders of Rector of the Academy, Decisions of the Academic Council of KSMA, Council for Assurance of Educational Activity and Education Quality, Decisions of Rectors Office and Academic Council of Navigation Department, decrees of the Dean, this Regulation and other statutory instruments.

1.2.         Navigation Faculty (hereinafter - the Faculty) is the main educational and scientific structural subdivision of KSMA and reports directly to the Rector.

1.3.     The activity of the faculty is aimed at high-quality training and implementation of educational process taking into account modern achievements of science and practice in the directions of the corresponding fields of knowledge.

1.4.     The faculty shall be created, liquidated and reorganized by the decision of the Academic Council of the Academy.

1.5.     At the level of the structural unit of the academy, the faculty implements the function of organization and management of training of students at the first (bachelor's) and second (master's) levels of higher education.

1.6.     The faculty provides training of full-time and part-time students at the appropriate levels of higher education.


1.7.     The objects under management of the faculty are the following processes:

 organization of educational academic and methodological, extracurricular and research work of the departments directly subordinated to the faculty;

 coordination of the activities of other departments that provide the curriculum in training of bachelors, masters according to study programs;

 establishment and development of international cooperation;

 promoting the creation of the necessary social and living conditions for students.

1.8.     The main purpose of the faculty is to provide the necessary conditions for students to obtain bachelor's and master's degrees education of higher education, which is based on the current level of knowledge and research, as well as educating professionals who can successfully work in a competitive environment in Ukraine and abroad.

In accordance with the purpose, Navigation Faculty implements the main tasks as follows:

1.9. Organization, coordination and control of educational, academic and methodological work with students.

1.10. Improving the scientific and methodological support of the educational process and control over the work of departments subordinated to the faculty.

1.11. Coordination of cultural and educational work, leisure and life of students and scholarships in accordance with current regulations.

1.12. Organization and development of international cooperation and partnership.



6.1. In academic work:

6.1.1. The organization and carrying out of educational process on full-time and correspondence modes of study, according to types of lessons which consist of educational components of departments in compliance with the approved study programmes and curricula on training of students.

6.1.2. Ensuring the quality of the educational process in accordance with the standards of higher education and statutory instruments on the organization of the educational process.

6.1.3. Participation in drawing up schedules of lessons, tests and examinations, control over quality of their carrying out.

6.1.4. Approval of individual curricula and timetables on academic work of students.

6.1.5. Organization and general management of production, training and undergraduate practices.

6.1.6. Monitoring the implementation of study programmes and curricula for bachelors and masters.

6.1.7. Organization of record keeping regarding students performance and attendance.

6.1.8. Monitoring of keeping registers, analysis of performance results and taking measures to improve the quality of education and discipline of students.

6.1.9. Organization of test and examinations of students.

6.1.10. Improvement of methods for assessing the quality of the educational process.

6.1.11. Organization and control of record keeping and reporting on the performance and quality of students.

6.1.12. Making proposals to Rector of the Academy on the transfer of students to the next course, expulsion or readmission, as also on granting academic leave, accrual of scholarships.

6.1.13. Making proposals to Rector of the Academy regarding the admission of students to the attestation by examination commissions and protection of qualification works.

6.1.14. Making proposals to Rector of the Academy on the composition of the EC according to study programmes and HE levels.

6.1.15. Organization of attestation of graduates, provision of conditions for effective work of examination commissions.

6.1.16 Participation in the organization and conduct of the admission campaign.

6.1.17 Implementation and improvement of the quality assurance system of educational activities and the quality of higher education (internal quality assurance system).





6.2. In methodological work:

6.2.1. Organization of development and control over timely processing (annotations, educational components).

6.2.2. Organization of development of structural-logical schemes, curricula and working curricula according to study programmes and HE degrees on the basis of the list of competences.

6.2.3. Organization of development and implementation of standards of higher education according to licensed specialties.

6.2.4. Organization of development, coordination and approval of curricula and working curricula according to the study programmes assigned to the faculty.

6.2.5. Organization of development of working study programmes on educational components of departments, comprehensive programmes and programmes of practices.

6.2.6. Organization of development of long-term and current curricula according to the specialties of the faculty by the faculty departments.

6.2.7. Improving the content of education taking into account modern achievements of science, technology, engineering and organization of educational activities.

6.2.8. Ensuring the introduction of advanced methods, the latest methods, modern information and innovative learning technologies.

6.2.9. Coordination of academic-methodological and informational support of the educational process and training programs with obligatory and additional educational and academic and methodological literature.

6.2.10. Development and updating of topics of term and research projects.

6.2.11. General supervision on the development of monographies, course books, Students books, other educational materials on the educational components of departments of Faculty.

6.2.12. Control of publication of textbooks, manuals, methodological papers, guidelines, and other educational materials, training resources and means.

6.2.13. Organization of development and application of diagnostic tools for the content and quality of education (tests, tasks for module tests, exam tickets, etc.) and systems for assessing the level of knowledge.

6.2.14. Planning activities to improve the pedagogical skills of research and teaching staff and control over them.


6.3. In research and innovation activity:

6.3.1.  Discussion of Departments proposals about candidates to become PhD or Doctoral students.

6.3.2. Arrangement of provisional certification of PhD and Doctoral students.

6.3.3. Discussion and proposal of candidates to obtain scientific and honorary titles.

6.3.4. Arrangement and creation of conditions for conducting state-funded, self-accounting and grant scientific and research activity (SRA) according to the specializations of Departments.

6.3.5. Implementation of SRA results into practical activity and education process.

6.3.6. Nomination of scientific works to be awarded with the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology.

6.3.7. Facilitation of scientific schools development.

6.3.8. Organization support of drafting and publishing of monographs, dictionaries, manuals, standards, journals, articles, reports etc.

6.3.9. Arrangement, holding and participation in scientific seminars, conferences, exhibitions.

6.3.10. Creation of conditions for involvement of students into research work.

6.3.11.  Supervision of students participating in SRA, students scientific clubs, scientific conferences, seminars.

6.3.12. Discussion and arrangement of students participation in All-Ukrainian Competitions of Students SRA.

6.3.13. Arrangement of drafting, introduction and holding of assessment of investment and innovative projects at home and foreign enterprises, state and regional government bodies, using collaboration with all structures involved in scientific and research activity of the Academy.


6.4. In organizational work:

6.4.1. Development of proposals for streamlining of facultys structure in general as well as its subdivisions.

6.4.2. Organization of facultys staff arrangement in collaboration with Heads of Departments as well as with Heads or Representatives of Non-governmental organizations.

6.4.3. Participation in staffing and training managerial personnel for subdivisions of the Faculty.

6.4.4. Arrangement of work of Faculty Scholarship Commission.

6.4.5. Drafting of proposals aimed at social incentives for successful studying and activity of students.

6.4.6. Monitoring of professional development and advanced training of academic and teaching staff of the Faculty.

6.4.7. Conducting collective and individual work with teaching staff, students (including PhD and Doctoral students) in order to involve them into education process, development of professional culture, keeping to ethical norms, following Academys schedule, establishment of atmosphere of insistence and mutual respect between staff and students of the Faculty.

6.4.8. Establishment of creative relationships with higher education institutions, industrial organizations and companies, research institutes as well as with other organizations regardless of their law status, foreign in particular.

6.4.9. Arrangement of cooperation with other Departments of the Academy which ensure teaching of academic disciplines at the Faculty.

6.4.10. Arrangement of events, aimed at carrier development and attraction of youth to become Facultys future students.

6.4.11. Arrangement of preparation activity for licensing and accreditation of study programmes of the Faculty.

6.4.12. Facultys Web-page at official Web-site of the Academy managing.

6.4.13. Highlighting the results of Faculty activity at information boards and mass-media.

6.4.14. Participation of Departments staff in the work of expert councils, commissions, workgroups of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, other bodies ensuring quality of education, specialized councils for thesis defense.

6.4.15. Defining rating lists of Departments and academic and teaching staff.

6.4.16. Arrangement of chargeable services provision according to legislation of Ukraine and Regulations of the Academy.

6.4.17. Conducting other legal activities connected with the tasks of the Faculty and Academy.

6.4.18. Arrangement of students participation in public and institutional productive activities.


6.5. In extra-curricular work:

6.5.1. Conducting complex of events aimed at development of personality with high moral principles, feeling of patriotism and to the Constitution of Ukraine.

6.5.2. Drafting and approval of extra-curricular work plans including evens in dormitories as well as improvement of educational process at the Faculty.

6.5.3. Arrangement in collaboration with public organizations and students self-government of extra-curricular work among students and staff of the Faculty.

6.5.4. Arrangement of career development events in order to attract youth to study at the Faculty.

6.5.5. Monitoring and control, in collaboration with students self-government over social and sanitary conditions of life in dormitories.

6.5.6. Appointment of group supervisors, proposed by Departments, arrangement of their work.

6.5.7. Development and holding in collaboration with students self-government of events promoting healthy life-style.

6.5.8.  Holding of events aimed at improving moral and cultural level of youth; facilitation of development of entertainment activity at the Faculty.

6.5.9. Conducting of events promoting students compliance to legislation of Ukraine, moral and ethical norms, conscious citizenship.

6.5.10. Analysis of incidents, violation of labour and public procedures and holding events preventing such cases.

6.5.11. Holding events in collaboration with Medical center of the Academy aimed at preventing students illnesses.

6.5.12. Planning and arrangement of events aimed at social and psychological adaptation of first-year students at the Academy; keeping in touch with families of students.

6.5.13. Planning and arrangement of patriotic events for students and staff of the Faculty.

6.5.14. Ensuring students participation in Academic cultural and sports events.

6.5.15. Coordination of public activity of students and staff of the Faculty.

6.5.16. Arrangement of control, record and report on extra-curricular work.


6.6. In international activity:

6.6.1. International cooperation and partnership in the framework of mandate based on the agreements signed by the Academy.

6.6.2. Development and implementation of complex of events aimed at integration into international educational and research space.

6.6.3. Consideration of international experience of professionals training and its implementation into education process.

6.6.5. Arrangement of students and teaching staff exchange with Faculties of other higher education institutions.

6.6.6. Participation in international education projects, programmes fulfilment.

6.6.7. Arrangement, participation in international conferences, seminars, competitions, exhibitions.

6.6.8. Facilitation and control over development of international cooperation of Departments.



7.1. Navigation Faculty consists of following structural subdivisions:

-  Departments of:

o      Department of English in Navigation;

o      English Language Department for Maritime Officers (Abridged Programme);

o      Department of Economics and Maritime Law;

o      Department of Innovative Technologies and Technical Means of Navigation;

o      Department of Humanities and Innovative Pedagogics;

o      Navigation Department;

o      Ship Handling Department;

-  Deans Office.

7.2. Personnel of the Faculty and its subdivisions is defined according to norms and approved by the Rector. Decision to change number of staff is taken by the Rector of KSMA, Number of staff can be changed annually and approved according to current legislation.

7.3. Decision on the change of the structure of the Faculty, creation or liquidation of Departments or other subdivisions, changes in study programmes, is taken by Academic Council of the Academy and approved by Rectors order.

7.4. Facultys management is exercised by the Dean for no more than 2 terms of service.

7.5. The Dean must have higher education, scientific title and/or scientific (honorary) rank in the field of Facultys activity, length of research and pedagogical activity no less than 10 years.

7.6. Dean works under the guidance of Rector Vice-rectors of the Academy.

7.7. Dean is elected through competition by secret ballot of General Assembly (Conference) of Facultys staff and is recommended to be appointed by the Rector.

7.8. The decision of General Assembly (Conference) of Facultys staff is regarded to be legitimate, if no less than two thirds of its delegates participated in the ballot. Candidate is regarded to be elected, if he received more than 50% of delegates votes.

7.9. Dean is appointed by Rectors order based on the decision of General Assembly (Conference) of Facultys staff for the term of 5 years. Dean carries out his duties according to the contract.

7.10. Dean can be dismissed by Rectors order based on reasons, determined in labour legislation of Ukraine; for the violation of Statute of Academy, conditions of contract, job description. Proposition to dismiss the Dean is taken by not less two thirds of delegates votes of General Assembly (Conference) of Facultys staff. Proposition to dismiss the Dean for General Assembly (Conference) of Facultys staff is made by Academic Council of the Faculty having no less than half of members votes.

7.11. Dean may delegate part of his authority and responsibilities to Deputy Deans. Authority and responsibilities of the Dean are determined by Regulation on Faculty, approved by Academic Council of KSMA.

7.12. In case of Dean being away of the office, his functions are carried out by the Deputy Dean appointed by Rectors order.

7.13. Dean issues orders regulating activity of the Faculty and they are to complied with by all participants of education process of the Faculty; they can be cancelled by the Rector if they contradict legislation, Statute of Academy or cause damage to the interests of the Academy.

7.14. The body of public self-government of Faculty is General Assembly (Conference) of Facultys staff, which is gathered at least once a year. The Assembly should include delegates of all categories of staff, including students delegates.

7.15. Procedure of gathering body of public self-government of Faculty and its activity is defined in Statute of the Academy.

7.16. Collegial body of faculty management is its academic council chaired by the head. The head of academic council is elected by secret ballot among the members of academic council having scientific title and/or academic (honorary) rank for the term of academic council action. Composition of academic council and arrangement of its work are determined by separate regulation and rules..

7.17. Academic council of faculty is legitimate for 5 years. Early reelection of academic council members may be held on demand of no less than ½ of its members.

7.18. Academic council of faculty can arrange commissions in scientific and methodical, scientific and research work etc..

7.19. Faculty can have a stamp with its name, angle stamp and emblem approved accordingly.

7.20. The activity of faculty is carried out based on annual plan of work..

7.21. Activity of faculty during academic year is evaluated following regulatory documents.

7.22. Faculty has allocated rooms, equipment and assets according to inventory list checked annually.


8. rights

Rights of faculty are implemented through the rights of its dean. The dean has the right to:

8.1. Issue orders on the activity of faculty which are to be complied with by all the participants of the educational process and can be canceled by the Rector if they contradict to legislation, Statute of KSMA or damage the interests of the Academy.

8.2.  Table proposals to the rector, academic council of KSMA, council for insuring quality of education aimed at improvement of curricula and study programmes, educational and research processes.

8.3. Carry out control over all types of lessons and exams.

8.4. Approve in certain cases individual terms for taking exams by students.

8.5. Allow students having valid reasons to take again exams during session.

8.6. Create and approve examination commissions and schedules of passing exams.

8.7. Carry out recognition of students achievements in disciplines received in other higher education institutions.

8.8. Arrange meetings on facultys activity.

8.9. Submit according to acting regulatory documents, in particular Statute of KSMA, internal rules and collective agreement, request on staff members or students incentives or taking disciplinary measures as well as other measures allowed by legislation and internal rules.

8.10. Demand following internal rules, job descriptions, contracts and this regulation by every student and staff member.

8.11. Participate in the activity of all subdivisions and managerial bodies of the academy concerned with the issues of the faculty.

8.12. Apply request to academy management in order to facilitate innovative development of faculty, modernize educational and research facilities, equip departments, classrooms and laboratories with modern educational means and computers.

8.13. Represent interests of the academy in international organizations, state institutions as well as in home enterprises and organizations.



The responsibilities are realized through responsibilities of deans office staff: dean, deputy deans and other staff members of deans office. Herewith, the responsibilities of every staff member is individual depending on his/her job description.

Dean of the faculty is personally responsible for:

 work of the faculty in general;

 condition of educational, extracurricular and scientific and research activity of the faculty;

 condition of work ethic;

 staffing and training of managerial and teaching staff members;

 quality of education and training level of graduates and facilitating their employment;

 carrying out his/her duties and usage of the rights.

 maintaining order in allocated areas and classrooms.


10. interrelations with other subdivisions

Carrying out its functions, faculty interacts with:

10.1. Subordinate departments on the issues of arrangement of all activities and their control;

10.2. Other departments of academy on the issues of ensuring educational process by their teachers;

10.3. Other faculties on the issues of learning from experience, experience exchange, conducting interfaculty researches, joint extracurricular, cultural and other types of events;

10.4. Educational department, educational and methodological department, quality education assurance department, administrative and household departments, library and other services in order to fulfil the functions.

10.5. The faculty interacts and regulates its relations with other subdivisions according to regulatory documents of management of the academy and Statute of KSMA.

During interaction with subdivisions deans office of the faculty receives and provides information prescribed by the organization of work and schedule of faculty activity.



11.1. The faculty is obliged to develop and store in its working premises the documentation that reflects the content and organization of the educational process, the state of scientific and academic-methodological work of the academic and teaching staff.

11.2. Mandatory organizational and academic-methodological support of the faculty includes:

- Quality management system documentation;

- standards of higher education by specialties;

- study programmes;

- curricula;

- working curricula;

- timeline of the educational process

- schedule of lessons;

- schedule of final control and attestation;

- work plan of the academic council of the faculty for the academic year;

- minutes of meetings of the academic council of the faculty;

- examination records on the results of the final control;

- summary data on the results of examination sessions;

- report on the work of the faculty for the academic year;

- study cards of students;

- registers of educational work of academic groups.

11.3. List of main documentation on arrangement and management of facultys activity is given in Annex.


12. funding of facultys activity

12.1. Facultys activity is ensured from financial sources of the academy:

 funds of state budget;

 funds of special budget.

12.2. In order to facilitate facultys activity, academy provides it with rooms and assets (furniture, computers, communication means, and office equipment)



13.1. The regulation is considered and approved by Academic Council of the academy. The regulation is brought into force by Rectors order.

13.2. Changes and amendments are considered and approved by Academic Council of the academy. Changes and amendments to regulation are brought into force by Rectors order.

13.3. The Regulation on Navigation Faculty is developed based on a typical regulation on the academys faculties.