Learning and Methodological Facilities

In 2020-2021 is been directed for Active Learning approaches implementation to teach Maritime English and developing new teaching materials (coursebooks and individual courses on Moodle).

The courses trained by the teachers (Maritime English for 1-2 year students, English for Specific Purposes for 3-4 year-students and Business English for 5-6 year-students) are supported by the coursebooks developed in accordance with the principles of communicative approach.

Teachers are actively involved in on-going teacher-training process (workshops, faculty-development sessions (FDS) and master-classes) aimed to familiarize the staff with innovative techniques and motivate students involment.

Among the topics discussed:

–  Internet Resources for Distance Learning

– Deeper Learning Elements: Review

– Debates vs Discussions

– Active Learning: Components

– Active learning: Techniques

Teachers of the deparment implement deeper learning approaches  and innovatiove techniques to organize active learning invoronment at their lessons. The English language laboritories equiped with modern facilities (interactive boards, access to the internet, moduled forniture) are designed as teaching and learning spaces to provide student-faculty interaction and collaborative learning.

Workshop for the teachers of English Language Department for Deck Officers

December 13, 2022

Communication Strategies in Online Environment

Objective: to familiarize the teachers with different techniques aimed to enhance online interaction and ways to improve our e-books.

It was conducted by S.Barsuk and V.Kudryavtseva in a format of a round table discussion. Four speakers shared their experience on online teaching covering the aspects:

– Teaching Online with Zoom (practice activities, whiteboard activity, online games).

Speaker I.Shvetsova

– Communication in main session room. Using chatroom for grammar mistakes correction.

Speaker K.Boiko

– Online chatting with a remote group.

Speaker B.Nahrybelniy

– Teaching Maritime English on CMS Moodle (based on While Ashore course book).

Speaker O.Frolova

In the second part of the workshop the discussion was organized to reflect on the effectiveness of teaching in Zoom and the ways to develop learning materials (Lessons on Moodle) to enhance online interaction.