The Ten-day event of science of the Navigation faculty

In order to create conditions for improving the quality of knowledge and development of research activities of higher education students of the Navigation faculty. Increasing the interest and motivation of students for higher education to study the educational aspects, promoting the formation of cognitive and general scientific interests, expanding the students’ worldview. And also on the occasion of the Science Day in Ukraine, the departments of the Navigation faculty will conduct the Ten-day event of science in the period 21-31 May 2021.

Tasks of the Ten-day event of science:

  • increasing the students’ motivation to learning activities
  • formation of scientific worldview, formation and improvement of professional and general educational competencies, as well as education of self-discipline and self-organization
  • development of cognitive interest of students in research and project activities
  • improving the forms and methods of search and research activities of students
  • formation of a culture of public speech of students

Events of the Ten-day event of science:

Open lectures, masterclasses, roundtable sitting, lectures-presentations, quests, seminars, student scientific readings

Form of holding: Mixed.

In-person/ remotely on the ZOOM platform


May 21 – Department of Economics and Maritime Law.

May 24-25 – Department of Navigation, Department of Ship Handling, Department of Innovative Technologies and Technical Means of Navigation.

May 26-27 – Department of English Language for Deck Officers, Department of English language for Maritime Officers (Abridged Programme).

May 28-31 – Department of Humanities.

May 31 – summing up the Ten-day event of Science of the Navigation Faculty.

Organizing Committee