Research Activities

Areas of scientific work are:

– Development of methods of optimal control of ship power complexes for various purposes;

– Development and creation of perspective electric power systems of modern vessels;

– Development of principles of construction and research of ship energy-saving electric power complexes;

– Creation of ship uninterruptible power supply systems of alternating current with transistor converters;

– Creation of combined electric propulsion complexes;

 – Ship systems of generation of the electric power of alternating current with utilization of thermal expenses of the main engines;

 – Electromagnetic control of mechanical stresses of the hull during its operation.

Research projects:

Teachers of the department are performers:

Research topic “Development of methods for optimal control of ship power systems for various purposes”, supervisor – S. Rozhkov.


In 2020, Associate Professor S. Voronenko defended his dissertation for the degree of candidate of technical sciences in specialty 05.13.07 – Automation of control processes on the topic “Automation of control processes of ship complex electric turbochargers”.

Preparation and publication of articles by teachers of the Department in the following professional scientific publications:

Bulletin of the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering;

Informatics, Control, Measurement in Economy and Environmental Protection;

International periodic scientific journal // Modern Scientific Researches;

Teachers of the Department tested the results of scientific research at scientific-practical and scientific-technical conferences of all levels, namely:

All-Ukrainian scientific-practical Internet conference of young scientists and students, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Kyiv National University of Technology and Design, Kyiv, April 21, 2020 – Kyiv: KNUTD;

International scientific and technical conference “Fundamental and applied problems of modern technologies” May 14-15, 2020, Ternopil.

Fifth All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Internet Conference of Students, Postgraduate Students and Young Scientists “Actual Problems of Modern Energetics”, Kherson, Kherson National Technical University, May 20-22, 2020;

All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference “Alternative energy sources, energy saving and environmental aspects in the agricultural sector”, May 25-26, 2020, Kharkiv. Petro Vasylenko Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture;

International scientific-practical conference “Scientific developments: yesterday, today, tomorrow 2020”, Minsk (Republic of Belarus), May 27-28, 2020

International scientific-practical conference “Modern information and innovative technologies in transport MINTT-2020”, Kherson, May 28-30, 2020;

The conference “Sharing beyond borders: new ways of care, communication and cooperation of older people along the Danube and in Europe in times of covid-19”, Ulm (Germany), 10-11 July 2020;

VI International Scientific and Practical Conference “Modern Technologies of the Industrial Complex – 2020”. – September 8-12, 2020. Kherson, Kherson National Technical University;

Modern power plants for transport and technologies and equipment for their maintenance. 11th International Scientific and Practical Conference, Kherson, September 8-10, 2020;

XXI International Conference on Mathematical Modeling (ICMM-2020), Kherson, September 14-18, 2020;

Seventh International Scientific and Technical Conference “Modern Methods and Devices for Quality Control and Diagnosis of the Condition of Objects”, Mogilev (Republic of Belarus), September 24-25, 2020;

All-Ukrainian scientific and technical online conference “Actual problems of energy and ecology” September 29-30, 2020, Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies;

X International Scientific and Technical Conference “Ships’ electrical engineering, electronics and automation” (SEEEA-2020), Odessa. OMA, November 24 – 25, 2020.

Participation in seminars, forums, round tables, schools, master classes:

Professional webinars IMO, The Nautical Institute, European Distance and E-Learning Network Secretariat:

How to engage and support students online (27.04.2020).

Face-to-face at a distance: Building a learning community online (04.05.2020).

No7 – How to manage the onslaught of information and fake news? The 2019-nCoV ‘infodemic’ (11.05.2020).

No 8 – Practical Tips for Learning and Instructional Design (18.05.2020).

No. 9 – Use of OER & OEP in the Online Pivot (25.05.2020).

No. 10 – How do we plan for education after the pandemic? (02.06.2020).

No. 11 – Developing 21st Century Skills Through Teaching Online: Opportunities and Challenges (08.06.2020).

Celebrating the contribution of seafarers and asking the question ‘where next?’ (by The Nautical Institute; 25.06.2020).

Maritime training, adapting to the pandemic with latest learning technologies. Smart simulation.  Corporate perspectives and the COVID-19 response meets digital disruption (07.10.2020).

Cyber Security. What’s it got to do with me? (19.11.2020).

Seminar (National Erasmus + Office in Ukraine (EU Project). National team of experts on higher education reform. National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. Kherson State Maritime Academy.). Internal quality assurance of higher education: development of educational programs and their accreditation. Online – ZOOM platform (18.11.2020).

Seminar “The latest innovative technologies. Virtual reality.”

Scientific, scientific-practical seminars and scientific-methodical seminars:

15.01.2020 Interdepartmental scientific seminar on the dissertation of S. Voronenko “Automation of control processes of ship complex electric power turbochargers”

16.01.2020 Interdepartmental scientific seminar on the dissertation of V. Danyk “Increasing the efficiency of ship control combined propulsion systems”.

10.03.2020 Interdepartmental scientific seminar on dissertation O. Solovey “Automation of ship cargo operations management processes with heavy cargo oversized”.

03.11.2020 seminar “The latest innovative technologies. Virtual reality. “

20.11.2020 Interdepartmental scientific seminar on the dissertation of I. Palamarchuk “Models and methods of creating decision support systems for the navigators”;

18.11.2020 seminar of the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education “Internal quality assurance of higher education: development of educational programs and their accreditation.”

Interdepartmental scientific seminar on the dissertation of I. Palamarchuk .

Participation in international exhibitions:

International Specialized Exhibition “ELECTRO INSTALL – 2020”. International Exhibition Center, Kyiv, November, 2020. (on-line format) Exhibitor: Ph.D., Associate Professor O. Zavalnyuk

XIX International Industrial Forum. International Exhibition Center, Kyiv, November, 2020. (on-line format). Exhibitor: Ph.D., Associate Professor O. Zavalnyuk

The Department has close scientific contacts and cooperation with higher educational institutions and research institutions of Ukraine and CIS countries, namely: Research Institute of Applied Electronics NTUU “KPI”; Aerospace Institute of NAU; Institute of Electrodynamics; Ukrainian Society of Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics, Kyiv; Research and Production Firm “Special Scientific Developments”, Kharkiv; Physico-Mechanical Institute named after G.V. Karpenko of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Lviv; Shipping company “VESTRA ltd”, Kherson; shipping company LLC “Transport Shipping Management”, Kherson; Odessa National Maritime Academy; Odessa National Polytechnic University; Kherson National Technical University, National University of Shipbuilding. Admiral Makarov, Mykolayiv. Meeting with scientists of PJSC “Ukrainian Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technologies”

Management of research and scientific work of students:

Students – future ship electrical-engineers are actively involved in research work: they are active participants in the annual All-Ukrainian competitions of scientific student works, participate in student scientific and technical conferences and research competitions, in particular: X All-Ukrainian Student Scientific Conference “Modern problems of maritime transport and safety of navigation “(KSMA), Kherson, November 19, 2020, namely:

  1. Kasatov Automated control system for the parameters of the main engine (head Ph.D., associate professor G.  Doshchenko);
  2. V.  Belenko Obtaining high-temperature superconducting single crystal YBa2Cu3O7-δ (supervisor Ph.D., associate professor S. Seliverstova);
  3. V. Gerasimchuk System for monitoring the technical condition of containers of the container ship “TOUCAN HUNTER” (head Ph.D., associate professor O.  Zavalnyuk);
  4. E. Vasnytsky Container supply control system of the container ship “MSC PARIS” (head Ph.D., associate professor O. Zavalnyuk);
  5. E.  Kotsyuba Optimization of direct torque control of an asynchronous electric drive (supervisor Ph.D., associate professor K. Timofeev);
  6. Ya. Pavlenko. Modeling of cargo stabilization system for dock gantry crane of Azov Shipyard (supervisor Ph.D., associate professor K. Timofeev).

On the basis of the Khmelnytsky National University on April 21-23, 2017, the II stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad was held with the program “Program of microprogram automats and microcontrolling systems.”  The organizers of the call were the Khmelnytsky National University and the “Open system” company, which are engaged in the development and production of diagnostic systems and monitoring of diesel engines of internal combustion.  According to the results of the II stage of the Olympiad, the participants of the Olympiad received certificates, and the team of students was awarded by rector’s Diploma of Khmelnitsky National University, M. Skibi in the nomination “Good program code for the MCS-51 microcontroller”.  Kostyantin Timofeev having issued a certificate of a member of the journal of All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad.  The form of the information sponsor has been edited into a subscribe to the Chip News magazine.

All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in the discipline “Programming of firmware automatic and microcontroller systems”


The Department has 10 postgraduate students, including full- and part-time. They take an active part in scientific research, education and training of students in accordance with the requirements of the IMO and the principles of the competency approach using their own experience at sea in the specialty.