One of the tasks of KSMA for 2022-2023 academic year is to achieve a high level of socio-professional mobility of teachers, that affects the quality of professional activity, updating its content, forms and methods.

LEARNING AGREEMENT is a tripartite training agreement between HEIs that directs the applicant to study, the student himself and the host HEI. On the basis of LEARNING AGREEMENT there is a procedure for credit transfer.

LEARNING AGREEMENT contains mandatory items:

Information about the student and the HEI that sends and receives.
TABLE A (the disciplines that the student plans to study during the semester in the European HEI)
TABLE B (the disciplines, specified in accordance with the curriculum of the HEI, sending for training, and which will be recalculated upon return). It is important that these disciplines partially or completely correspond to the disciplines of the curriculum for which you study at KSMA. Only in this case, the credits and exams received at the host university can be fully or partially re-enrolled in KSMA.

On 2 April 2024, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the Resolution “On Amendments to the Rules for Crossing the State Border by Citizens of Ukraine”.