Procedure for submitting an application for invention (utility model)

The requirements for content and execution of application materials and for submission of an application are determined by the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Rights to Inventions and Utility Models” and Rules on Execution and Submission of Application for Invention and Application for Utility Model approved by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine №22 dd. 22.01.2001 and registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine at №173/5364 dd. 27.02.2001 (With changes made in accordance with the Orders of the Ministry of Education and Science №154 dd. 26.02.2004 and №223 dd. 14.04.2005,  the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports №578 dd. 14.06.2011 (hereinafter – the Rules). Proceed to the Law.

The application must include:

  • Description of the invention (utility model);
  • Claims of the invention (utility model);
  • Drawings (if they are referenced in the description);
  • Abstract.

Execution of the application documents:

All documents of an application for an invention (utility model) must be executed so that they may be stored for a long time and directly reproduced in an unlimited number of copies.

Application documents must be printed on white paper sheets of 210 x 297 mm format. The application must be executed in Ukrainian. Begin each application document on a separate sheet, with the second and subsequent sheets numbered in Arabic numerals.

Use each sheet on one side only, with the rows arranged parallel to the smaller side of the sheet. The minimum size of the margins of the sheets containing description, claims and abstract is as follows, mm:

  • left – 25;
  • top – 20;
  • right and bottom – 20.

Drawings are to be performed on white paper sheets of 210 x 297 mm format.

The minimum size of the margins of the sheets containing drawings is as follows, mm:

  • left – 25;
  • top – 25;
  • right – 10;
  • bottom – 15.

All documents should be printed in black colour. The text of the description, claims of the invention (utility model) and abstract are to be printed at 1.5 intervals provided the height of letters in computer typing is at least 2.1 mm. Bibliographic data of information sources in the application documents should be presented so that this information source can be found.

Graphic images. Graphic images (drawings, schemes, diagrams) should be executed according to the rules of drawing, on thick, white, smooth paper with black clear lines and strokes that may not be erased, without shading and coloring.

Choose the scale and sharpness of the images so that when reproducing them with a linear reduction in size to 2/3, all the details can be distinguished.

The height of numbers and letters must be at least 3.2 mm. Numeric and letter designations must be clear, the thickness of their lines must correspond to that of the image lines. Numbers and letters should not be enclosed in parentheses or quotation marks.

Do not indicate dimensions in the drawings; give them in the description, if necessary.

Perform drawings without any inscriptions, except for the necessary words, such as “water”, “steam”, “open”, “closed”, “section for A-A”.

The elements of the figures must be denoted by Arabic numbers according to the references to them in the description of the invention (utility model). The same elements in several figures must be denoted by the same numbers.

The designations not mentioned in the description of the invention (utility model) should not be put down in the drawings.

Each graphic image is to be numbered sequentially in Arabic numerals (Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc.) regardless of the type of this image (drawing, scheme, diagram, etc.) and numbering of sheets in the order they are presented in the text of the description. If the description of the invention (utility model) is interpreted with one graphic image only, it should have no numbering.

Chemical formulas. Structural formulas of chemical compounds are to be presented (as well as drawings) with the numbering of each structural formula as a separate figure and giving references to the relevant designations.

Mathematical formulas and symbols. The form of presentation of a mathematical expression is not regulated. All letter designations in mathematical formulas must be deciphered. The decipherment of letter designations should be given in the order of their use in the formula.General requirements for the content of the application documents. When using terms and designations that are not commonly used, it is necessary to explain their meaning when first used in the text. All conventional designations must be deciphered.