Laboratory activities

On the basis of the laboratory Ship Energy Saving Electrical Power Complexes, research work is carried out on the study of combined electromechanical propulsion complexes with various electric machines; the theory of the control system of the diesel shaft generator in the modes of power generation and electric drive was developed; analyzed the operation of asynchronous motors when they are supplied with electric power with a non-sinusoidal voltage; studied the systems for utilizing the heat of exhaust gases of diesel engines.

Using the laboratory equipment, KSMA scientists have developed a number of new technologies and technical solutions protected by patents of Ukraine:

• a method of obtaining a three-phase sinusoidal voltage from a direct current source. It is that the output direct voltage turns by the inverter into a rectangular variable. Its third harmonic is neutralized by a system of windings included in a three-beam star. It is distinguished by the fact that the fifth harmonic is additionally neutralized by the windings included into a five-pointed star. The seventh – by windings included in a regular heptagon, short-circuited.

• a device for obtaining a three-phase sinusoidal voltage, containing a constant voltage source. An inverter, which differs in that it additionally contains a transformer. Its input is five-phase and is connected to the output of the inverter, which is also five-phase. The output of the transformer is three-phase and is the output of the device. Inside the transformer there is an additional seven-phase winding connected in a regular heptagon and short-circuited.