Laboratory of Polymer Composite Material in Shipbuilding

Laboratory of Polymer Composite Material in Shipbuilding at the department of Transport Technologies and Engineering, headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. A. Buketov

The Laboratory goals:

  • establish basic laws of influence of energy fields and the fillers on the mechanism of polymer composites formation and to issue recommendations on developing functional coatings to protect technological equipment from corrosion and wear-out;
  • verify working hypotheses about the interconnection within basic physical, mechanical and thermal properties of composites and the development of software for verification of numerical experiments.

Research tasks:

  • collection and analysis of information on the achievements of domestic and world materials science in the field of composite materials and their scope of application;
  • develop methodological approaches to the study of energy fields effect (magnetic, ultrasonic, ultraviolet radiation) on the properties of polymer composites;
  • find out the mechanisms of interphase interaction of dispersed and fibrous fillers with polymer binding at the nano-, micro-and macro-levels;
  • investigate the effect of the filler on the surface characteristics at the interphase “polymer – filler” (density, degree of crosslinking, geometric size);
  • search for new sources of raw materials, including local ones, to create effective fillers for the formation of new generations of composite materials and samples of new technology;
  • improvement and development of new instruments for studying the physical and mechanical properties of composites.