Training Laboratory “High Voltage Equipment”

High voltage equipment manufactured by Schneider Electric is intended for obtaining practical and technical knowledge according to the requirements of the STCW Code (with amendments), Table А–ІІІ/6 on safe exploatation of ship electrical equipment over 1000V (High Voltage Safety & Operational Procedures).

The training program for high voltage equipment is intended for learning the following materials:

  • technology and physical basics of high voltage technique;
  • electrical charges;
  • isolation of high voltage equipment;
  • work conditions and requirements for exploitation of high voltage equipment, the term “voltage swell”;
  • switching equipment of the МС-Set board;
  • capacitive current canceling, earthing of high voltage equipment;
  • classification requirements for ship high voltage equipment
  • main switchboard for 6,3 kW;
  • high voltage generators and engines;
  • electric propulsion with the use of high voltage;
  • electic propulsion control systems «Azipod»;
  • safe exploatation and technical maintenance of high voltage systems, protection of high voltage hardware;
  • safety regulations during exploitation and maintenance of high voltage equipment;

examples of ship electrical power plants over 1000 V, mains power.

Disciplines taught in the laboratory: “ Training courses”, “High Voltage Training”, “Marine Automation and Control Systems Training”