Employment of applicants for higher education

The functions of the employment promotion unit are performed by the practice, certification and employment department, which pays considerable attention to professional and practical training of cadets, establishing cooperation relations with representatives of shipping and crewing companies, finding vacancies to promote employment of graduate cadets. Employees of the department are constantly working to find and expand the range of shipping and crewing companies that agree to accept cadets of academy for sailing practice with further employment.

 To this aim, the practice, certification and employment department holds meetings with employers (shipping and crewing companies) to promote the employment of HDMA graduates. In this direction academy most actively cooperates with Marlow Navigation, Columbia Ship Management Ukraine LLC, Eurocrewing LLC, V.Ships, and MSC crewing company. Competitive testing of applicants for internships in these companies takes place during the academic year in the form of computer test or oral interview. Shipping and crewing companies provide cadets with places for sailing practice on modern vessels with further employment.