English language department for maritime officers (abridged programme)

According to Law on Higher Education and KSMA Rector’s order No. 411 dated 30.09.16 “Reorganization of KSMA departments in the 2016-2017 academic year” in order to optimize the educational process, improve the quality of marine specialists’ training and intensify the implementation of communicative approach in teaching English at KSMA, by decision of KSMA Academic Council (Protocol No. 4, 29.09.2016), in the structure of Navigation Faculty, English language department for maritime officers (abridged programme) was created. Since October 2016, the department began its activities. It is headed by Ph.D. Ivan Ryabukha. There are 9 teachers: 1 Associate Professor, 1 Senior Teacher, 5 full-time teachers and 2 part-time teachers who successfully carried out teaching and research work aimed at increasing the level of professional competence of future maritime specialists who study under abridged programme.

The staff of the department is working on educational and methodological support of a multi-level system of teaching English for Specific purposes for cadets studying in the specialties “Navigation”, “Operation of ship power plants” and ” Operation of ship electrical equipment and automation”.

The problem of scientific research of the Department is the development of the key competence of the marine specialist in the process of English language teaching. Both the teaching, methodological and research work of the Department are aimed at ensuring a high level of professional communicative competence of navigators, ship engineers and electricians during their communication in English with international crewmembers. A high level of communicative proficiency in professional English is not only a guarantee for understanding and safety on the ship, but also an essential means for the approval of top-class professionals.

In order to combine the content of special disciplines studied by cadets, with the content of teaching English for Specific purpose, the department staff work closely with the teachers of the graduating departments. The results of such cooperation are reflected in the working curricula of the department’s disciplines, developed in accordance to the basic requirements of IMO Model course 3.17 (Maritime English), as well as the necessary professional competencies specified in the STCW-78/95 Convention.