Department of Economics and Maritime Law

Department goal: continuous improvement of cadets’ education quality in accordance with requirements of state educational standards and STCW, IMO requests.

Department tasks:

• providing of economic and legal training of maritime specialists, knowledge and skills necessary for further professional activity based on use of competence-based and communicative approaches;

• development of work programs in disciplines, latest achievements of science and prospects for their development;

• maintaining of department high moral and ethical status;

• maintaining of effective functioning, constant development and effectiveness increasing of educational and methodological activities;

• providing of educational and methodological services at highly professional level, striving to achieve the best results;

• regular professional development of teaching staff;

• implementation of fruitful cooperation with maritime enterprises and other higher educational institutions.

Thus, starting points of department’s activities concept are objectivity and scientific validity of teaching, sequence of training, practical value of obtained results, integration with other disciplines. This is formed as a result of use of new modern research in field of economics and law, use of effective teaching methods in system of lectures and practical classes.

Department functions:

• conducting of classroom training sessions (lectures, practical classes);

• consulting of cadets’ in accordance with established procedure;

• organization and regular monitoring of cadets’ individual work, including their homework, scientific and methodological guidance for implementation of graduate thesis;

• implementation of cadets’ intermediate and final certification (tests, exams);

• implementation of educational and methodological work planned volume. It ensures conducting of educational process at high level (development and submission of curricula, syllabuses, preparation and updating of disciplines content);

• development of annual and long-term plans for professional of teachers;

• creation of necessary conditions for teachers’ participation in all-Ukrainian and international conferences with publication of research results;

• cooperation with domestic and foreign universities about teaching, methodological and research work, as well as with foreign research organizations;

• education quality ensuring, taking into account KSMA strategic goals and objectives.

Department development program:

• improving educational process on basis of competence-based approach, improving quality of teaching disciplines;

• creation of conditions for joint research work of teachers and cadets;

• development of scientific and methodological support system, informatization of educational process and scientific activities;

• development of teachers’ potential, increasing level of teachers’ methodological and scientific training.

Department location:

Department is located in room 220, 2nd AB.