Vice-Rector in Extracurricular Work of KSMA


Oleksandr Shumei was born on July 22, 1978, in Demydivka village, Velyka Lepetykha district, Kherson region.

2000 – graduated Kherson State Pedagogical University, completed higher education in specialty “Pedagogy and Methodology of Secondary Education. History” and acquired qualification of Master in History. 2003-2006 – pursued his postgraduate studies at Kherson State University in specialty “07.00.06 – Historiography, Source Studies and Special Historical Disciplines”.

Began his professional activity in 1999 as a history teacher at Kherson Regional Lyceum.

2000 – recruited for the position of an inspector of Academic Department of Kherson Maritime College. 2001 – assigned for the position of Deputy Head of Preparatory Department.

2003 – worked at Kherson Maritime College as Deputy Head of Preparatory Department in Extracurricular Work on a part-time basis.

2006 – assigned for the position of Deputy Head of Kherson Maritime College in Extracurricular Work.

2008-2010 – worked as Director of Utility Enterprise “Illinka”.

2010 – employed for the position of a specialist of Extracurricular Activities Department, Kherson State Maritime Institute. 2011 – transferred to the position of Head of Laboratory of Humanities Department.

From 2012 till 2014 – First Deputy Head of Kalanchak District State Administration, Head of Chaplynka District State Administration, Supervisor of Sector for Introduction of Economic Reforms (Executive Support Service) of Kherson Regional State Administration, Head of State Inspectorate of Agriculture in Kherson Region.

October, 2014 – employed as Head of Training Laboratory of Humanities Department; June, 2018 – transferred to the position of Assistant to Rector of KSMA.

From April 09, 2019 – assigned to the position of Vice-Rector on Extracurricular Work.

Deputy of Kherson Regional Council of the 7th Legislature  since 2015. 

Certificates of Merit and Awards:

  • Certificate of Merit from Rector of KSMA issued on 30.10.2018.
  • Certificate of Acknowledgement from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine 2019.