Sports club schedule

Schedule of training lessons in sports sections of Kherson State Maritime Academy:

Kind of sportWeek daysTime of eventPlace of event
VolleyballMonday, Wednesday15.30-17.00Sport hall, build. №1
AthleticsMonday, Thursday15.30-17.00Park area
Track- and -field crossTuesday, Thursday15.30-17.00Park area,  KSU
BasketballTuesday, Thursday15.30-17.00Sport hall, build. №1
Foot-hallMonday, Wednesday15.30-17.00Sport hall, build. №1
FootballMonday, Wednesday15.30-17.00Stadium «Spartak»
Table tennisTuesday, Wednesday15.30-17.00Gym, build. №1
ChessTuesday, Thursday15.30-17.00Gym, build. №1