Preparatory department

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Address: Room 508, 25 Nebesnoi Sotni street (40 Rokiv Zhovtnia), Kherson

Tel.: 095-02-00-344 (Olena Volodymyrivna)

050-54-68-717 (Nadiya Viktorivna)


Preparation of listeners for admission to the academy is carried out on the basis of complete general secondary education (11th grade) in the disciplines defined in the Rules of Admission to Kherson State Maritime Academy in 2021.

Listeners of the Preparatory Department apply to the academy to obtain a bachelor`s degree in the field of knowledge ‘Transport’, specialty ‘River and sea transport’ and specializations:

Navigation and management of seagoing vessels;

Management of ship technical systems and complexes;

Operation of ship electrical equipment and automation.

Preparation of cadets/ students of I-III years of colleges (institutions of professional education) for passing ZNO-2021 can be carried out on the chosen educational discipline or disciplines, among which – the Ukrainian language and Math.

Preparation of listeners for admission to Maritime College of Kherson State Maritime Academy on the basis of basic secondary education (9th grade) is carried out in the disciplines defined if the Rules of Admission in 2021.

Listeners of Preparatory Department apply to Maritime College of Kherson State Maritime Academy to obtain the degree of Junior Specialist in educational and professional programs:

  • Navigation on sea routes;
  • Operation of ship power plants;
  • Operation of electrical equipment and automation of ships;
  • Installation and design of ship machines and mechanisms;
  • Installation and maintenance of electrical equipment of ship;
  • Shipbuilding;
  • Welding production;
  • Maintenance of machine tools with software control and robotic systems.

Studies in Preparatory Department are carried out on a full-time and distance learning basis at the expense of individuals and legal entities.

Classes in Preparatory Department begin in October 2020.

List of documents for enrolling in a course of study at Preparatory Department:

  • copy of  listener`s passport (ID-card), or if a person is under 14 years old – copy of the birth certificate;
  • copy of listener`s identification number;
  • copy of passport (pages 1,2,11) and identification number of one of the parents;
  • copy of listener `s performance (copy of the report card for 8th grade – for listeners of 9th grade, a copy of the report card for 10th grade – for listeners of 11th grade);
  • 4 colour photos, size 3×4;
  • certification of education from the educational institution where the listener is studying, or copy of the document on graduation;
  • cardboard folder;
  • fluorography (in case if the listener is not studying anywhere).

*When entering Kherson State Maritime Academy and Maritime College listeners, who have successfully finished studies at Preparatory Department, are given additional points.