1. E-Learning website – https://mdl.ksma.ks.ua/

1.1. How to get password

To get/restore nicknames and passwords, send your requests to:

Skype (KSMA computer_testing_room_212) 

WhatsApp +380505500242

Telegram   +380505500242

  Personal information to provide:

Surname, name, middle name in Ukrainian, group code.

It is a must to come with a document confirming your identity (passport, credit book, driver’s license).

Person in charge: Olena Volodymyrivna: +38(050)5500242

1.2. Technical support

  • Educational process organization:

“Navigation Faculty” educational supervisors:

Strelkovska Lilia Oleksandrivna +380993270411

Serbina Oleksandra Serhiivna +380508766852

“Ship Engineering Faculty” educational supervisors:

Yana Dmytrivna: +380660928498

  • LMS Moodle Technical Support –  (Viber/Telegram )

“Navigation Faculty” – 214 office, 1 AB – 0663430560

“Ship Engineering Faculty” – 313 office, 1 AB – 0509463679

2. Corporate Mail – https://mail.ksma.ks.ua

3. Institution Repository – https://rep.ksma.ks.ua

Kherson State Maritime Academy Repository is an electronic archive which accumulates, systematizes, stores and provides a long-term open access to the works of the academic teaching staff through their archiving.

4. KSMA academic teaching staff research chops – http://publicationksma.kspu.edu/

5. IT Lab

The Laboratory of Innovative Technologies has been established to initiate academic-teaching staff of the Academy into the elements of modern educational technologies, work in a common digital space, formation of electronic, educational and scientific content.

     The introduction and implementation of E-learning techniques of the LMS Moodle platform is considered to be the burning issue of today and modern direction of the laboratory. Laboratory personnel provides assistance in selecting the structure of the e-learning course, the process of its creation with the help of templates, formation of an electronic academic register of the course with the specified features.