On January 17, 2024, the seminar “Face to Face with Deeper Learning” was held at the English Language Department for Marine Engineers. All seminar participants exchanged opinions and their own experience using Deeper Learning Strategies at lessons. The speakers prepared the following presentations:

  • “Project-Based Learning” Iryna Krasnovska, Uliana Liashenko;
  • “Problem-Based Learning” Maryna Ohiyenko:
  • “Inquiry-Based Learning” Natalia Ohorodnyk, Iryna Afanasievska;
  • “Case-Based Learning” Svitlana Pylshyk;
  • “Task-Based Learning” Anna Solovey;
  • “Critical Thinking Learning” Oleksandra Litikova;
  • “Technology Integration” Nadiia Pohorletska;
  • “Collaborative Learning” Kateryna Kulish.

As a result, all teachers were satisfied and demonstrated excellent theoretical knowledge by performing the final quiz.