On 22 May, 2023, a meeting of intending entrants with the representatives of KSMA and the University of Plymouth (UK) took place. The meeting included two parts. Dr Bogdan GHITA and Deputy Dean for International Cooperation of the Faculty of Science and Engineering and Associate Head of Mechanical Engineering School of the University of Plymouth, Dr Ming DAI reported in the first part of event. In their speeches, the representatives of the University of Plymouth told about specific features of a Dual Degree program. In the second part of the meeting, the Executive Secretary of the Admission Committee of KSMA Ivan RIABUKHA and Head of the Department of Practice, Certification and Employment of KSMA Oleksandr SOLOVEY reported on the features of this year’s admissions campaign. During the video conference, Dean of the Marine Engineering Faculty Oleksandr AKIMOV answered topical questions received from entrants.