Teachers of English Language Department for Deck Officers Valentyna Kudryavtseva, Professor, Department Head, Svitlana Barsuk, Associate Professor, Deputy Head on Methodological Issues, and Olena Frolova, Associate Professor, Deputy Head on Scientific Issues, took part in the International Maritime English Webinar “Challenges and Innovations for Sustainable Teaching and Lifelong Learning” which was on 16-17 February, 2023.

The event was organized by International Maritime Lecturers’ Association (IMLA) and was the first held since IMLA-IMEC 31 in Finland in 2019. The webinar turned out to be a great opportunity for interdisciplinary discussion and exchange of ideas on issues facing maritime education and training (MET) in the present era of rapid change in the global maritime community, intending to harness the past to navigate the future.

The webinar provided a global forum for all the participants, allowing them to share experiences, teaching materials and techniques, and exchange ideas. The KSMA teachers shared our innovative experience of working on LSM Moodle with electronic course books.