Maritime English for first year students includes such topic as “My City” to learn how to describe their native land. Usually cadets share general information or mention places of interest and attractions. This year the lesson in group 111-1 (teacher Iryna Shvetsova) was conducted as a comparison of cities before and after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. The cadets discussed the changes that took place during this period, and also shared what they miss most now when many of them are far from their homes. All of them are looking forward to returning to their peaceful life and studies in Kherson as soon as possible.

Moreover, the cadets of this group were visited by KSMA graduates of 2022 so that the younger generation could learn from the experience of their future colleagues. And there is a lot to share: studying at KSMA and Lithuanian Maritime Academy (Klaipeda), cooperation with Marlow Navigation Company, Ltd., working experience on general cargo ships and container vessels. The invited guests, Vladyslav Prysh and Artem Olenich, gladly answered all the questions of the first-year students and provided useful practical advice.

Thanks to the graduates for close cooperation with the academy!